Join our team: Nine Circles is looking for new contributors!


Hey everyone,

So now that Horns Up has officially relaunched as Nine Circles—and now that we’re only a few days from formally reopening for business—we wanted to take the opportunity to throw something important out there:

Nine Circles is looking to add some new contributors to our staff.

You may remember a similar call we did back at the start of the year—and here’s the thing: even after re-launch, we’ve still got some room to grow! Got an eye for the day’s biggest metal news? We want you. What about a strong voice and something to say about the latest new releases each week? Yep—we want you, too. Or what if you’ve got an idea for a completely different segment we haven’t thought of yet, but that will kick the Internet’s ass six ways to Sunday? Get over here.

Want more specifics? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Writing ability: Because duh.
  • Knowledge of / interest in metal music: Also…duh. It doesn’t matter which particular subgenres you’re into, but you do at least need to be into heavy music.
  • Strong opinions: If you love a band or an album, you belt their praises to anyone who’ll listen; if you hate one, you don’t hesitate to rip it to shreds. In short: you don’t hold back on what you’re passionate about. We don’t mince words and neither should you.
  • A Good Radar Screen: You keep an eye out for new developments, from both new and established artists and across all subgenres. We cast a pretty wide net here, and with just two of us, happenings sometimes get lost in the shuffle. If you can be a reliable extra set of eyes, you’re golden.
  • Enthusiasm: You may not be an expert at writing or podcasting, but you are interested in constantly diving in, learning more, and applying your new knowledge. We didn’t know a damn thing about podcasting when we started this thing—and we knew a whole hell of a lot less about the metal scene than we do now—but here we are.
  • Execution: This is key. You might sign up for everyday news updates, or you might opt for a monthly op-ed column—but whatever you do, you commit to a deadline and follow through on it each and every time. While complications do occasionally arise for everyone, you don’t let them become a habit. You’re like Tyrion Lannister, and publishing your posts on time is like paying your debts.

Also appreciated? An interest in at least occasionally joining the podcast. (And, I guess, a Skype account, for if/when you decide to do so, since that’s how we record. I guess if we have to do Google+, we will. But we’ll pout about it every step of the way.)

Sound like your kind of thing? Awesome. Drop us a line at with the subject “Contributors” and tell us about yourself—quick background, what you’re interested in writing about, the best show(s) you saw last year, you name it. Make sure to attach 2-3 recent samples of your own, original written work. We’re not going to take anyone on sight unseen. (Or word unread, I suppose.)

Not your kind of thing, but know someone whose kind of thing it might be? Send them our way and you’re our new best friend.

Anyway, many thanks for your support so far, and many more thanks in advance for any help on this front!

Keep it heavy,

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