Best of Q2: Manny-O-War’s List

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Another three months has flown by. Here we are, halfway through yet another year of metal releases and real life. Theoretically, we all should be a few months older and wiser by now but we all know that is a bunch of malarkey. What we are is slightly more confused about what we are, who we are and what our purpose is in this world. Well, I can tell you one thing: a noble purpose is to consume absurd amounts of art. So this year, consume absurd amounts of metal and remember, as always, to Hail Satan!

The second quarter has proven to be a bit more diverse in quality than the first. We’ve got old timers re-emerging; we’ve got brutal black metal; we’ve got to crossover, genre-blending gems that will probably battle it out for Album of the Year honors; we’ve got the crusty, sludge filled black/death metal quotient; we’ve got a few pagan/atmospheric black metal albums that blend a variety of folk influences; and we’ve got downright thrash. We got everything from [probably] the best Italian death metal album in a long time to a sparse and beautiful solo folk release.

Whatever your interests, the second quarter has most likely provided something that you can hang onto. So here are a few things that got my haunches all riled up.

Top 9 Releases: April – June 2015

9. Mefitic – Woes of Mortal Devotion

8. Obsequiae – Aria of Vernal Tombs

7. Amestigon – Thier

6. Possession – 1585-1646

5. Abominator – Evil Proclaimed

4. Temple of Dagon – Revelations in Spirit

3.Deathhammer Evil Power

2. Tau Cross – Tau Cross

1. Tribulation – The Children of the Night

Honorable Mentions:


3 thoughts on “Best of Q2: Manny-O-War’s List

  1. phate161 June 30, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    I can vouch for the Tau Cross and Amestigon albums. I hope the others are worth checking out!

    • Manny-O-War June 30, 2015 / 1:23 pm

      Those albums are killer. Thanks for the comment. Hope you find some other stuff you like!

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