Visions ov Hell: Grave Digger – “Heavy Metal Breakdown”


Grave Digger is one of those German heavy metal bands that has been around forever. And I mean that quite literally. They originally formed in 1980, broke up seven years later, and then reformed in 1991. Since then, they’ve been writing and touring consistently, leading up to the current run of shows with fellow countrymen Blind Guardian. This is what brings us here. Accompanying this tour, Grave Digger will release several re-recorded hits from years past, including 1984’s  “Heavy Metal Breakdown,” complete with a shiny new music video.

“Heavy Metal Breakdown” is the title-track from their 1984 debut. The sound, as I’m sure you would expect, is pure, authentic German heavy metal. Cheesy, fast, and certainly ridiculous, it’s as much entertainment as we would hope for. This current, re-recorded version is significantly cleaned up. The guitars are crisper, the vocals clearer, and the overall sound fuller. Basically, it doesn’t sound like the music is being played several miles away. Since I will be attending the Grave Digger/Blind Guardian show in just a few short weeks, I’ve made an effort to visit the depths of Grave Digger’s catalog. Knowing they’ve reworked many of their classics is certainly cause for excitement.

The video itself is wonderful. To start, it’s completely animated. Who doesn’t like cartoons? In the past, I would be skeptical about this kind of thing. But in recent years, fronted by this awesome Monster Magnet video for “The Duke”, I’ve gained more of an appreciation for the creativity that can come from these animated works. This video, I’m going to assume, hilariously pokes fun at Grave Digger’s age. Opening in a retirement home named “A Fine Place to Die”, our heroes escape their wheelchairs and venture into a cemetery. Here, they trade booze for the fountain of youth and proceed to play this particular hit for the undead residing in the ground below them. Metal. Booze. Zombies. What’s not to like?

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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