Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – November 13, 2015

wake up and smell satan

Ah…Smell that fresh air? That’s the smell of Friday the 13th. And the welcoming of the Sabbath for all false monotheistic religions. The beginning of their “rest” period during which they leave themselves vulnerable in my favorite of positions; hopeful and faithful. But today is bittersweet for today I must kill someone that I love dearly. And while it brings me joy to know that they will soon reside here in hell with me, it’s sad to think that they will no longer be prancing around the earth bringing joy to those that they meet. Alas. The world of Satan is good for it is He who leads us on the correct path.

With such a heavy task at hand we look to the Dutch band Hexis. The track “Sequax” off their 2014 release Abalam is the perfect background for torturous death. Their chaotic mix of performance and dæmonically possessed murder make them a perfect match for our Lord Satan.

There is plenty to be happy for. As I mentioned, today is none other than Friday the 13th. Many of you pathetic scumbag mortals feel this has significance due to horror films or other miserable superstitions. This is because you are not only prone to laziness and a lack of inquisitiveness but because you utterly fail to face the harsh truths of what you supposedly believe in.

Friday the 13th is legendary because it is the commemoration of the day upon which the Knights Templar, the protectors of Jesus’ ‘holy grail’ were slaughtered in their beds by a rival faction of the Catholic church. But that was, of course, Friday, October 13, 1307 on which the Knights were so viciously slaughtered (ordered by King Philip IV & Pope Clement V). And this day is so much different…

The cross between your legs.

Blood on your hands, blood on your soul.

Your veins pulsate in this last moment…in these last seconds,

all forgotten, everything left.

All forgotten, but there is no escape.

The circle never ends, it never ends.

And it is with that in mind that I head forth to do my bidding…Let death be your guide, let the blood flow and let your body absurd the life once lost. For it is within us to carry on the dead. To carry their memories and their remembrances.

Hail Satan,

– Ritual Grim

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