Visions ov Hell: Resurrection Kings – “Who Did You Run To”


Last week, resident doom metal artist turned power metal fiend, Dustin Grooms brought you his review of Resurrection Kings debut self-titled album. This week, Resurrection Kings dropped a video for “Who Did You Run To” off that very album. I can honestly say that I share in Dustin’s enthusiasm for whatever cheesy genre name you want to slap on Resurrection Kings. Born out of members of Dio, Dokken and Black Sabbath, the credentials back up a powerful, gloriously cheesy metal performance.

“Who Did You Run To” tells the tortured tale of a soul made heavy by the loss of its loved one. Although we never find out to whom that love one ran it’s clear that the abandonment has left frontman Chas West injured beyond the pale of his flesh. And the band feels his pain; supports him in his quest for the truth. With hip thrusts, exaggerated cymbal clangs and all out pick-dives, Resurrection Kings is a unified unit. Friends in bondage anxiously seeking the sad truths of love lost.

The video shows the band in all their hair, leather, smugness, jewelry-laden glory. It’s actually kind of refreshing to see people keeping this type of look, lifestyle and music alive. It’s a total throwback in that the members of the band aren’t even faking it—they lived this lifestyle in the late 80’s and they aren’t ashamed to keep it flowing. So check it out and I guarantee you will be singing along by the second chorus.

– Manny-O-War

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