Album Review: Our Place of Worship is Silence – “The Embodiment of Hate”


Southern California’s Our Place of Worship is Silence have walked a long, hard road to get to where they are today. Where many bands would have called it a day after dealing with the death of a founding member before their first album was even released, Our Place of Worship is Silence soldiered on in spite of the obstacles. Their debut album, The Embodiment of Hate stands as a testament to where the band came from, the uncompromising strength that took them to its release, and the catharsis that is experienced surfacing on the other side of negativity. 

Our Place of Worship is Silence play death metal that fuses together the best of both old school and new school songwriting. While a far cry from the cavernous blackened death metal of today, similar qualities are present here, particularly in the off kilter riffing and blast beat heavy drumming in songs like “Resplendent Misery” and the album’s title track. These moments are offset by elements of a more classic death metal style; “Resplendent Misery” ends with an absolutely crushing breakdown and “Murdered While Praying” features mean galloping riffage that would not be out of place on any classic Floridian death metal album.

Our Place of Worship is Silence
Our Place of Worship is Silence

This is an album that feels modern and forward thinking enough to distance itself from the pack of old-school death metal worship, yet it recalls the roots of those who wrote in that style without sounding the least bit rehashed. This, of course, is a line that many bands have tried to straddle, yet usually end up falling too far one way or the other to remain unique among the pack. Here, the balance of both is executed brilliantly.

Our Place of Worship is Silence have emerged triumphant with some of the most vicious death metal this year has given us. And, in a year that has given us a tremendous amount of great death metal nonetheless. Laser precision musicianship, searing vocals, and bludgeoning atmosphere combine in this whirlwind of a debut to produce something that truly stands as a cut above the imitators.  Listen to The Embodiment of Hate and feel the rage.

– Vincent

The Embodiment of Hate will be available October 14 on Broken Limbs Recordings. For more information on Our Place of Worship is Silence visit the band’s Facebook page. Also, catch their performance this weekend at California Death Fest II.

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