Exclusive Album Stream: 1476 – “Our Season Draws Near”

1476 - Our Season Draws Near

New England’s 1476 have always found a striking balance between shoegaze, neofolk and ambient — this combination is what has made their past work so thoroughly engaging. On their fourth album — first for Prophecy Productions — Our Season Draws Near this balance is at its best. Now, however Neil Derosa and Robb Kavjian explore post black metal in addition to their already proven formula. Today we are thrilled to offer an exclusive stream of the full album ahead of its March 31st release date. Take a listen after the jump.


As you can hear below, isolation and alienation maintains the lyrical foundation, but the atmosphere throughout this winter-themed album is the star of the show. The slow burn of “Our Silver Age”, the cold aggressiveness in “Winter of Winds”, and the rowdy yet lonely “By Torchlight” further drives this defined atmosphere home. You can hear recognizable folk-influenced passages that remind us of some of the better Agalloch days, but the element that complements this the most notably are the punk roots. It’s a combination of musical styles that sounds ambitious, yet the end project is successful.

Furthermore, Our Season Draws Near is the most personal and emotional of the band’s output thus far. You can hear the haunting influences of their Salem roots as the music rises and falls like a wave on the New England coast in winter. Starting out in 2010, focused primarily on indie rock-driven shoegaze (self-described as Deth Rock), 1476 has traversed a wide spectrum to reach this post-black metal sound. It can be both emotionally straining and at the same time catchy with it’s diversity. As harrowing as a New England winter, 1476 commit to a certain dark ambiance and manage to successfully portray those emotions within these ten tracks.

In Robb Kavjian’s own words:

“I think Our Season Draws Near is our most polarized sounding album to date. It is disciplined yet feral, heavy yet fragile, and spacious yet minimal. It’s the most distilled, raw, honest, personal, and urgent record we’ve made to date dedicated to solitude and its lessons. We’re grateful to be able to present it to you here via Nine Circles.”

Our Season Draws Near was produced by the band and mixed by Markus Siegenhort of Lantlôs fame. You can check out an introduction to 1476 here and preorder the new album here. The album will be available on March 31st through Prophecy Productions. For more information on 1476, visit the band’s official website.

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