Initial Descent: April 30 – May 6, 2017

Full of Hell

This was a weird week. Maybe I’m on my own in this opinion but it seems like the general population has lost their minds all of a sudden or been hijacked by aliens. On the road, walking down the street, ordering food, you name it, NO ONE pays attention anymore and it’s as annoying as twenty ass pimples, all at once. Ok, that’s out of my system but you came for new metal and we have plenty of it this week. Full of Hell kicks things off this week with a scorching statement on Trumpeting Ecstacy and to put it simple, this album is full of awesome (nope, couldn’t help myself). Next up is Exuvia from The Ruins of Beverast and while it is another amalgamation of black metal and doom the band continues their experimental touch and come away with another triumph of an album. Moving along, Drug Honkey offers up their wickedly nasty gutter death on Cloak of Skies, I’ve never been a junkie but this could be a fitting soundtrack to a trip. And Snares of Sixes get all proggy/avant-garde on us with their genre bending debut EP Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass. With that, the opening four are down and you know the drill, dive in below for tons more metal.


Full of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy (Profound Lore) – blackened hardcore [full review]

The Ruins of Beverast - Exuvia

The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia (Ván Records) – black metal [feature review]

Drug Honkey - Cloak of Skies

Drug Honkey – Cloak of Skies (Transcending Obscurity) – atmospheric death/doom

Snares of Sixes - Yeast Mother

Snares of Sixes – Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass, EP (Crucial Blast) – avante garde, experimental metal

Also on tap:

Alchimia – Musa (Nadir Music) – metal, folk

Arya – Dreamwars (Independent) – progressive metal

Black Cage – Excess All Areas (Mars Music/Rebeat) – rock

Blackbird Hill – Midday Moonlight (Independent) – garage blues

Bleed Again – Momentum (Sliptrick Records) – metalcore

Bram Stoker – Dracula (Cadabra Records) – spoken word

Cybernetic Witch Cult – Troglodithic Trip (Independent) – doom, fuzz, stoner

Death On Fire – LazerWulf Demos (Independent) – thrash/death metal

Distillator – Summoning the Malicious (Empire Records) – thrash metal

Doublestone – Devil’s Own/Djævlens Egn (Ripple Music) – rock, psych

Eruption – Cloaks of Oblivion (Xtreem) – thrash metal

Excalibur – Humo Negro (Fighter Records) – heavy metal

Forgotten Woods – As the Wolves Gather/Sjel Av Natten, Deluxe (ATMF) – black metal

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze (Metal Blade) – death metal

Gurt – Skullossus (When Planets Collide) – doom metal

Hate – Tremendum (Napalm Records) – extreme metal

Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones, EP (Godz Ov War Productions) – blackened doom

MNHM – Of Empires Past (Consouling Sounds) – experimental metal

Mudbath – Brine Pool (Third I Rex) – post metal, doom, sludge

Netherbird – Hymns From Realms Yonder, Compilation (Black Lodge Records) – melodic black/death metal

Nighon – The Somme (Inverse Records) – symphonic metal

Oranssi Pazuzu – Farmakologinen, US Issue (20 Buck Spin) – black metal 

Oranssi Pazuzu – Kosmonument, US Issue (20 Buck Spin) – black metal 

Oranssi Pazuzu – Muukalainen, US Issue (20 Buck Spin) – black metal 

Pink Muscles – The Signal (Independent) – noise, punk [feature review]

Slaegt – Domus Mysterium (Ván Records) – black metal

Slagduster – Deadweight (Independent) – progressive metal

Succumb – S/T (The Flenser) – death metal

Vhäldemar – Old King’s Visions, EP (Fighter Records) – heavy metal

Viscera/// – 3: Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals (WOOAAARGH) – psych metal

– Josh

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