Premiere: Let It Breathe – “Greater Than I”

Let It Breathe - Let It Breathe

Let It Breathe – the aptly named slow-riding, fuzzed-out rockers from Minnesota – are quickly approaching the release of their self-titled debut album. While the April 27th official release date is still about a month away, Nine Circles is thrilled to whet your appetite with a new track titled “Greater Than I” RIGHT NOW.

While Let It Breathe is technically a debut, the gentlemen behind it are no strangers to each other nor the product they create. Randy Geraghty and Jason Knudson may have spent most of their time in the punk scene in 90s, but it was the arrival of Rob Rushing that allowed them to find their doomier sweet spot. Life may have eventually forced some distance between them, but this recent reunion shows no indication that these creative minds were ever apart. But don’t take my word for it. Check out “Greater Than I” immediately below.

When looking at the history behind Let It Breathe, “Greater Than I” is a tremendous example of everything the band is capable of. While the overall sound is defined by the meandering grooves and fuzzed-out riffs we would expect, this track maintains an enjoyable, slightly upbeat cadence – almost as an homage to past punk influences. The tempo is enough to keep your foot-tapping while the track is still simultaneously successful in surrounding a listener with an overall smooth, spacey ambiance. Furthermore, it was Rushing’s arrival from Arizona that first inspired this doomy shift. To that effect, the overall environment this song creates feels very much inspired by the desert. Both easy-going, yet heavy, with rugged open space and clear skies serving as the natural setting.

Let It Breathe
Let It Breathe

The combination of cadence, instrumental grit, and soaring vocals allow “Greater Than I” to cover a tremendous range and introduce us to a creative and well thought-out take on the stoner/fuzz spectrum. Regardless of how you want to categorize the Let It Breathe project, there is no doubt that this debut will bring a lot to the table. If this track is any indication, we have a lot to look forward to about one month from now.

As mentioned above, the official release date is April 27 on STB Records. Preorders for Let It Breathe are available here. For more information, be sure to follow Let It Breathe on Facebook.

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