Cryptosis’s Frank te Riet on “Bionic Swarm,” Metal in the Netherlands, Switching Names (and Direction), Soccer, and Much More!

Bionic Swarm, the debut from Cryptosis has become an early favorite for many of the staff at Nine Circles.  Jamming together old school thrash, progressive death metal, and a healthy dose of symphonic black metal in its arrangements, it’s the kind of debut that instantly slams into your skull and rewires your brain. 

So it’s only natural that Buke not only championed the band and album to everyone on the crew, but grabbed some time with bassist Frank te Riet to talk about album.  But this is Buke we’re talking about here, so of course the conversation winds its way into a number of interesting places, from the state of metal in the Netherlands, to the shared experience of Slipknot as a gateway to extreme metal, and to how you exactly mountain bike in a place not known for its mountains.  It’s a great talk as usual, and combined with the mighty riffs to be found on Bionic Swarm we’re 89% sure you’ll find your heart’s desire tucked away in a drawer in your parent’s old house.  Or not – but you’ll at least get some fantastic metal and a great chat.

Many thanks to Frank for his time!

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Bionic Swarm is available now on Century Media Records. For more information on Cryptosis, visit their website and  Facebook page.

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