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dustin grooms

A native of the outer fringes of Appalachia, Dustin Grooms has always identified as the outsider, and this is what made heavy music so appealing. A drummer and guitarist from a young age, Dustin discovered punk rock around the age of 12 through bands like Bad Religion and Misfits, and from there, descended into the metal realm by way of Slayer’s Reign in Blood and Cradle of Filth’s Midian. These albums were what kindled the flame to commit to playing metal, and by the age of 16, Dustin found himself as the drummer for death/thrash band Woe of Tyrants before branching off into some black metal recording projects that lived and died on a 4-track cassette recorder. Around this time, he began amassing a collection of black and death metal albums and was exposed to doom metal via My Dying Bride and early Katatonia.

After taking a break from music to focus on his undergrad degree in teaching English, Dustin resumed writing and recording under the name Old Thunder, combining elements from doom metal, black metal, and crust punk. As the project began to grow, Dustin decided to take his background in both music and writing and combine it into something to give back to the metal community; after writing for Bearded Gentlemen Music for a time, he joined the ranks of Nine Circles.

He lives in northeastern KY with his awesome wife and home-roasted coffee, and at pretty much any metal show in the Cincinnati area, you’ll find him.

Recent favorites

Atrament – Eternal Downfall

Borknagar – Winter Thrice

Inverloch – Distance | Collapsed

The Lion’s Daugher – Existence is Horror

Ecferus – Pangaea

Meadows End – Sojourn

Stone Magnum – Holy Blessings to None

Low Flying Hawks – Kofuku

Deafest – Glen & Precipice

You can follow Dustin on Twitter (@OldThunderMetal), and talk about coffee, metal, and Cormac McCarthy.

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