Josh Thieler

josh thieler slaves bc

My Dad gave me my first Tourniquet cassette when I was 3 years old. Ever since, I have devoted my life to listening, writing, and playing everything that could fall under the umbrella of “Metal.”

I started performing in bands at 11 years old, and by 15, I had performed over 500 concerts on the East Coast of the United States.  I currently do drums, vocals, and art for Pittsburgh blackened hardcore band, Slaves BC, as well as contributing to many side-projects.

Yes, I want to do art for you.  Yes, I want to guest-vocal on your album. Yes, I want to listen to your new album.

You can follow Josh on Twitter (@CVRSEDBREATH), where he will likely be tweeting about metal, his day job, posting pictures of his shoes or ranting about Depeche Mode Cabin Dance Crew.

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