Album Review: Desekryptor – “Chasm of Rot”

Desekryptor - Chasm Of Rot

Blood Harvest Records is a reliable label for all things old-school death metal.  This time around, they send waves throughout the underground with Desekryptor’s Chasm of Rot released on tape.  Old-school death metallers rejoice!

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Album Review: Hive – “Parasitic Twin”


Why do I love d-beat? D-beat is easy to like. Punk hardcore whatchamacallit? Call it Hive. Hive’s full-length album entitled Parasitic Twin takes your bare hand and stuffs it into a beehive. What a blast to listen to!

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Album Review: Hexis – “Tando Ashanti”


Blackened hardcore post-metal doom acolytes Hexis don’t need monikers such as that. All that you need to know is that the music is violent, abrasive and intense. The beats slam on the brakes in sections where the guitar feedback is utilized, and the double-kicks send nails, hammers and the kitchen sink at listeners during the rapid tremolo-pick and blastbeat segments. Not entirely of the blast and stop style like some bands use, Hexis up the ante on modern violent metal the likes of which fans of Primitive Man and Fister will love to death.  Hexis’ Tando Ashanti is the shit, you bastards!

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Album Review: Morast – “Ancestral Void”


Blackened doom metal has a small kvlt following. Few bands like the approach a great deal, but when it is played without shenanigans, it is no ordeal for the listener.

Morast’s Ancestral Void is an album quite like that. It is morose, suffocating, entrenching. It is a fall from a harrowing flight down a plumbing depth of sorrow without hope of ever returning. Continue reading

Singapore Underground Metal Scene, Part I


For this feature article, we travel to Singapore, located in South East Asia, South of China and west of the South China Sea. Singapore has a diverse community of Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians. Singapore has had a few major exponents to the international extreme music scene, namely war/black/death metal veterans Impiety, grindcore savants Wormrot, and old-school thrash/black/death metal deviants Abhorer. This fact will come as a big surprise to most fans considering that Singapore as a nation is roughly the size of a small city in the United States. This feature article showcases five other underground extreme metal acts based in the country, starting with the band, Battlestorm… Continue reading