Sepulchral Saturday: Naðra – “Allir Vegir Til Glötunar”


Allir Vegir Til Glötunar is an invocation of destruction, perhaps for when the oceans finally engulf us. Likewise, Allir Vegir Til Glötunar translates to “All paths to oblivion,” according to both the internet and several blogs. I imagine that unless you specialize in pronouncing Icelandic words that you might also have some question about how to say their name, Naðra. A long and tall bearded Viking-friend of mine who is Icelandic says, “it’s Nath-ra, and Na like Narnia.” Continue reading

Album Review: Yellow Eyes – “Sick With Bloom”

Album art by Sam & Will Skarstad

The latest from New York-based Yellow Eyes, Sick With Bloom, presents itself as a wounded animal in the Carpathian forest. Its six tracks have some successes in musical episodes that show themselves to be majestic and pagan, explosive and unruly. There are moments of menace within the requisite blast beats, strangled screams, and tremolo picking guitar patterns, but they remain isolated incidents; the hopelessness fails to take root. Continue reading

Album Review: BLACK YO)))GA Asanas Ritual, Vol. 1

bvlack yoga asanas ritual vol 1

Let me preface this by saying that up until I decided to pick this particular review assignment, I had NEVER DONE YOGA. I had long been repelled by what I thought would be required stillness, or perhaps it was my perception of the yoga stereotype and awful outfits. Really, though, I had just needed the way in, which this concept of yoga marketing certainly is. Just make it dark or metal, right? OK. Black Yo)))ga with instructor Kimee Massie, I’m gullible enough to play along. (Editorial Note: Caryn’s outfits are, regrettably, horrible. But we assure you that her fashion choices were meant to mimic her Yo)))ga abilities.) Continue reading

Album Review: VHÖL – “Deeper Than Sky”

vhol deeper than sky

It’s so satisfying when a record reveals ever more layers of remarkable traits after repeated listens. The latest release from the Pacific Northwest-based quartet VHÖL, “Deeper Than Sky,” is just such a beast – and this is a record that will  demand repeated listens. From the circle pit-worthy crust punk gallops to the sharp and beautiful black metal sections; from the way that Mike Scheidt’s singular metal-operatic yowls and shouty growls carve out their own space next to the intricate and mighty thrash guitar twisters created by John Cobbett, this second record by VHÖL is very likely going to be record of the year for many. Continue reading