Singapore Underground Metal Scene, Part I


For this feature article, we travel to Singapore, located in South East Asia, South of China and west of the South China Sea. Singapore has a diverse community of Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians. Singapore has had a few major exponents to the international extreme music scene, namely war/black/death metal veterans Impiety, grindcore savants Wormrot, and old-school thrash/black/death metal deviants Abhorer. This fact will come as a big surprise to most fans considering that Singapore as a nation is roughly the size of a small city in the United States. This feature article showcases five other underground extreme metal acts based in the country, starting with the band, Battlestorm… Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Assault – “The Fallen Reich”


Thrash has a heavy hand in the making of many metal acts in the Southeast Asian Region, and many bands still love to pay tribute to this largely influential movement in modern metal. Such is Singaporean death/thrash band Assault and their brand of no-nonsense, no gimmicks metal, a merging of easy death metal songwriting and thrash rhythms. Not of the old-school Slayer brand of 80’s thrash metal, instead, Assault’s style is similar to modern thrash in the guise of newer Death Angel and older Metallica. Such is the case with  their debut full length The Fallen Reich and the exclusive stream of the title track we have for you right after the jump. Continue reading

Her Highness, Black Metal: Black Metal Round – Up, March 2017

Bathing Goddess
Statue of the Goddess Venus, part of the environment “The bathing Venus” – Caserta (Italy)

Black metal is Venus Anadyomene. She is death incarnate. She waits for her next victim. She preys on men and women, besotted by her beauty. Slowly, you approach her. Slowly she surrenders herself. In your arms she caresses your cheek with the back of her hand, Then, she sodomizes your ears. She rapes your soul. She is beautiful, but at an angle, the moonlight casts a glow on her true condition. She is death. Pluto, god of the underworld, sends her forth and awaits the many souls she claims with a kiss. Black metal is beautiful, and just like Venus, she’s capricious.

Continue reading

Album Review: Goath – “Luciferian Goath Ritual”


There have been classic masterpieces throughout the history of the sub-genre known as black metal, since the inception of the style. There have been albums such as Darkthrone’s Transylvanian Hunger, Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, and fast-forward to later, albums such as The Ruins of Beverast’s Rain Upon the Impure, and Agalloch’s Marrow of the Spirit. Whether traditionally minimalist, or progressively evolutionary, there have been albums that astonished metal fans from top to bottom of such albums, from start to finish if you will.

Count this indescribable, throwback, yet modern, minimalist yet progressive effort in the list of history’s best black metal albums, and is also my top year-end favorite –- Goath’s Luciferian Goath Ritual, care of the rather obscure but reliable Ván Records. Continue reading

Album Review: Cold Fell – “Irwell”

Cold Fell - Irwell

Modern black metal is typically harsh and aggressive. Modern black metal bands invoke atmosphere by slowing down and ringing out notes on staccato-plucked strings, with slightly enhanced production rendering the instruments clear to the listener. Such is the case with Cold Fell on their debut full length Irwell.

You can feel the thud of drums blasting at breakneck-speed, and feel the grating of pick against steel strings. You might also manage to hear some bass. The overall effect of which is a heavy, nuanced vernacular of slightly-dissonant, often rampaging, screaming, and burgeoning wall of sound that lets up in direct paradox to the blast sections, slowing down and offering doom touches and vicarious high-pitched screams. Continue reading