Album Review: Eternal Khan – “Lost in the Night of Ages”

eternalkhan_lostinthenightofages_coverLess than two years after their previous full-length A Poisoned Psalm, Providence, RI-based Eternal Khan return with another full-length, Lost in the Night of Ages. While their previous album was a formidable blend of classic black metal, churning doom, and the might of death metal rooted in an Eastern sense of melody, it was hampered by a somewhat murky production job. Lost in the Night of Ages is a leaner beast than their previous work and wades more in blackened waters while still staying true to the course they’ve charted on previous works.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Nokturnal Mortum’s “Lunar Poetry” Turns 20!

Regardless of whether you agree on their political stances or not, Ukraine’s Nokturnal Mortum can’t be dismissed for not having a huge impact on black metal, especially the kind influenced by folk music and rooted in symphonic grandeur. Their third demo –– disputably their first full-length –– Lunar Poetry recently turned 20 and deserves to be recognized for its excellence in songwriting and creating one of the strongest wintry atmospheres conjured in a black metal album from the 90s.  Continue reading

Album Review: Pensevor – “Klothod”

pensevor_klothodThere’s a certain Catch 22 that comes with being a reviewer: You rely on promo sheets to give you at least a rough idea of what to expect for a release, only to find that the material at hand has very little to do with the accompanying hype. Any promo write-up needs to be taken with a grain (fine, a pillar) of salt –– after all, the point of promotion is to cast something in a positive light –– but sometimes, nothing can quite prepare you for what you’ll endure. In the case of the UK-based sludge/doom outfit Pensevor, their debut Klothod is a head-scratcher; a few songs show shreds of potential, but the album as a whole has too many negative points to make it noteworthy.  Continue reading

Album Review: Fister/Teeth – Split 7″

GDP-17-001.pdfOne of the greatest things about a split release is that it allows you to go deeper with bands you’ve already grown accustomed to while offering a glimpse of an undiscovered outfit. Splits also allow both parties to take some creative detours from the type of material that would be on a full-length and to pair up with artists that may not traditionally be seen as compatible. In the case of the upcoming split between California-based Teeth and the well-established doom/sludge barons Fister, there’s a clear parallel in the bands’ use of dissonance while offering a contrast in their use of tension and songwriting.  Continue reading

Concert Review: Inter Arma & Grey Host (April 15, 2016)

interarma_cincy_april15I’ve mentioned before that my general area of the country doesn’t tend to bring in a lot of shows (or good ones, at least), but now that summer is close, that seems to be changing pretty quickly. Tour schedules are rolling out for some great spring and summer bills, and fortunately for me, there will be several Cincinnati and Lexington stops. Inter Arma‘s recently completed spring tour was more or less the inauguration for Dustin’s Summer of Sweet Shows®, and it took no amount of convincing for me to go to their show at MOTR Pub in Cincinnati with local doomsters Grey Host opening. I went in to this event sort of ambivalent toward Inter Arma’s studio material –– having never really had proper time to dive in –– and came out a fan.   Continue reading