Interview: Winterfylleth’s Chris Naughton on “The Dark Hereafter”, Inspirations and the UK Black Metal Scene


In a short amount of time Winterfylleth has become an extreme force in black metal. The band formed in 2007 and as good as their debut The Ghost of Heritage was their last and fourth full length The Divination of Antiquity was not only better but strikingly more diverse than any of their other works. Last week the band released their fifth full length The Dark Hereafter and we sat down with guitarist and vocalist Chris Naughton to discuss the band’s new work, their inspirations, and their place within the UK black metal scene. See what he had to say after the jump. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Zgard – “Contemplation”

Zgard - Contemplation cover

In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we look back on an album from 2014: Zgard‘s Contemplation. Zgard is the project of Yaromisl Grozovoy, who handles vocal duties as well as all instruments bar the drums. As their Ukrainian origin denotes, they play black metal in the Slavic tradition, resulting in drawn-out, melancholic compositions that dip into the waters of folk music more than once. In this review, we will look at how well the different aspects of the music are balanced out. Continue reading

2016 – ‘The Score So Far’ by Jesse

This year in metal got off to a bit of a slow start for me, with the first two months not offering anything that I care to remember for this feature. Then, the ball got rolling, and now that we’re closing in on July, there’s enough good stuff to craft my two cents out of. Continue reading

Album Review: Forteresse – “Thèmes Pour La Rébellion”

Forteresse - Thèmes Pour la Rébellion cover

With Thèmes Pour la Rébellion, Forteresse offer yet more proof that Quebeckers craft the finest black metal in North America. Fans of Forteresse will be well aware that their new album coincides with the ten-year anniversary of the band’s most famous release to date: Métal Noir Québécois. Thèmes Pour la Rébellion reveals that, over the past decade, Forteresse have evolved only in subtle manners, merely tweaking the particulars while leaving their core fabric and artistic essence in tact. This conservative approach would reek of stagnation in the hands of lesser artists, but Forteresse can afford to stick to what works. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Mayhem – “Esoteric Warfare”


Woe to the man who tries to utter the name ‘Mayhem’ without also inviting the band’s redudantly notorious history into the conversation. Yet that is precisely what we will do in the present Throwback Thursday. We will take a stab at Mayhem’s 2014 album Esoteric Warfare rather than Euronymous. This essay will explore the band’s most recent album to date and take a look at just how much of the band’s reputation relies on continued musical prowess, while also asserting the state of the Norwegian black metal scene. Continue reading