Nine Circles ov…MANOWAR!


Everyone who knows me, or knows of me, is well aware of my insane love for Manowar. For over twenty years the self-described “Kings of Metal” have made me raise my fist in the air and sing every word of their glorious tunes. They were my introduction to heavy metal. No matter how I’m feeling on a certain day, I can put on one of their many releases and it puts an instant smile on my face. To me, Manowar IS metal. Whether it’s loincloths, ass-less chaps, or tight leather, the look and attitude of this iconic band will always be my go-to in the world of loud tuneage.

Throughout the years I’ve made countless lists of my favorite songs, albums, solos, etc. So when I was asked to contribute a list for Nine Circles I immediately said yes. How could I not? It’s Manowar! Instead of just a random nine songs I wanted to choose ones that have influenced my life. There is a reason why the warrior on the album covers has no face. It is the face of us all, a mirror to reflect each human being battling the war of every day life. So without further delay, I am honored to present this Nine Circles ov… covering nine Manowar songs that have helped me fight through life’s constant battles.   Continue reading

Album Review: Flidais – “Kazador”


The world of power metal has grown at a great pace over the past 2-3 years. One of the big reasons for that growth is the amount of newer bands contributing, especially bands from North America. Flidais, hailing from Ontario, seem destined to lead the charge with their new EP Kazador. Incorporating many different styles, this group of talented musicians have created a set of tunes that many power metal fans (and metal fans in general) will thoroughly enjoy. Continue reading

Album Review: Hammer King – “King Is Rising”

Hammer King - King Is Rising

All Hail! The Hammer King has returned! That’s right, only a year after the release of their debut, Kingdom of the Hammer King, the band offers us their second full length King Is Rising. Just like it’s predecessor, this album is chock full of hammers and kings to whet your cheesy-lyric appetite. The biggest difference this time out is the feeling running through every track, which takes this album to new heights. There is absolutely no sophomore slump here. Continue reading

Album Review: Civil War – “The Last Full Measure”

Civil War

Swedish power metallers Civil War have quietly made their mark in this genre’s fantastical world. Comprised mostly of ex-Sabaton members, they have taken the lyrical idea of war history and transformed it into a style all their own. Their third full-length, The Last Full Measure, continues where the band’s first two efforts left off and doesn’t quit. With excellent musicianship, incredible vocals and great production, this album keeps the trend of good power metal going. Continue reading

Album Review: HammerFall – “Built To Last”


For nearly two decades power metal titans HammerFall have held high the flag of heavy metal. Being known as one of the best in the genre, they’ve managed to stay true to themselves and to the fans with each album they’ve released. With their tenth full-length, Built To Last, they prove once again how easily they tower over the throngs of imitators. Each song is carefully crafted to ensure unending amounts of power, glory and fun. Simply put, this album is spectacular. Continue reading