DJ Dæmoness Proudly Presents: Finnish Filth


The idea of putting together a mixtape of ‘indecipherable Finnish gurgleracket*’ is something I’ve had in my head for a while and it kind of sprang into reality the other day, thanks to the delights of people on social media. Finnish metal [particularly death metal] has long been an obsession of mine — the grosser and more malevolent, the better. When one thinks about Scandinavian death metal, Sweden often springs to mind first with the fat guitar tones that Sunlight Studio helped create; Finland is regularly overshadowed. Unfair. A lot of Finnish stuff, for me at least, has a much more evil undertone that is absolutely riveting as well as insanely fucking heavy. There are a few bands that are more well-known but there are scores that get less play who deserve your attention, too.

How lucky for you then that I’ve dumped all of my favorites into one place. Most of it is death metal, with a fairly even split of old bands and new ones that nail that ‘recorded in their mom’s dank basement in 1992 via nerf football’ sound. There’s a smattering of black and doom also, because fuck me if Finland doesn’t rule at everything they do. I’ve been saying for years — it must be something in the water.

Instructions for use: Please play it loud enough to cause brownouts.


*shout out to to Ross for this entirely apt term.


Nine Circles ov… Re-Visioned Album Art


It’s the end of the year and everyone knows what that shit means. I’ve been refusing to even think about polluting the internet with another sort of list or anything regarding the albums I’ve enjoyed for the past year, until recently. I stumbled upon this site, which is really awesome — it’s ten artists re-imagining the album art for their favorite releases from 2015. I got real stoked on it but was let down by the absolute void of any metal albums. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Venus Star’s “Nigredo Expulsion”

venus star nigredo expulsion

I’m in the fortunate position to have a few friends who know what my weirdly specific musical tastes are, so they send me albums from time to time. I usually dump them into my iTunes and then immediately forget about them because I’m an asshole, which is what happened with Venus Star’s 2013 album, Nigredo Expulsion. Came across it not long ago, hit play and went “…Oh, shit. This is good.” Plus, their logo is hysterical. Continue reading

Album Review: Obsequiae — “Aria of Vernal Tombs”

obsequiae aria of vernal tombs

Ever listened to an album for the first time and gotten that rush of fizzing sparks up and down your spine? When I discovered Obsequiae’s 2011 debut Suspended in the Brume of Eos [after reading their brilliant interview with Invisible Oranges], I’m fairly sure my mind went blank as I heard what I had been waiting for my entire life: something that existed in the infinitesimal overlap of metal and the middle ages. Suspended has been in constant rotation ever since that first listen and I’ve been anticipating more work from them, curious about where they would take their sound. Thankfully, their follow-up, Aria of Vernal Tombs, was worth the wait. Continue reading