Album Review: Primitive Man/Northless Split LP


This must be the sixth time I’ve sat down to talk about Primitive Man. All of the previous adjectives still apply. As with the track from the split with Sea Bastard I reviewed on this very site a couple weeks back, this is another immense doom track. One side of a record, one song. Fifteen minutes and thirty seconds of plodding & sickening slowcore. There are a few moments to catch your breath, but there’s absolutely no hope for the future of mankind contained in these fleeting minutes.

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Album Review: Voivod – “Post Society” EP


I am far from being Nine Circles resident attorney, however, I am going to make an opening statement. Voivod are fucking interdimensional robots. They were developed by coders. Over the years, the operating system has been tweaked but the fact remains. How else can you explain the death and/or decommissioning of Piggy, only to have his trademark sound transferred and downloaded into the new Chewy unit? You can’t. It doesn’t fit. I’m also assuming that when Target Earth was in the beta testing phase, they decided that users weren’t adjusting well to the new system and they implemented a rollback to v2.0. And this isn’t the first time, remember when Blacky and Snake were both assimilated into E-Force? Exactly.

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Album Review: Atrament – “Eternal Downfall” LP

Artwork by Stephen Wilson of Unknown Relic

This is more like it. Recently I had a massive crisis of faith and whiffed on a review where I bit off more than I could chew, genre-wise. Not this time. Not today. Who needs half-assed major label forest-folk, anyway?

While combing through the promos I received, I saw the light in the tunnel. That light is from Oakland, California and they refer to themselves collectively as Atrament. Their one-sheet refers to Wolfpack and not Wolfbrigade, which makes all the difference in the world to me — Johnnson vs. Micke is a no-brainer. While I’m sure these folks have spent quite a few hours bounding over  A New Dawn Fades LP, the real upfront influence is the almighty Skitsystem. I’m sure these guys have pored over the Profithysteri EP and the Ondskans Ansikte 10″ as if they were the goddamned Torah. Continue reading

Album Review: Primitive Man/Sea Bastard Split LP


Reviews don’t typically have back-stories, but bear with me for a quick paragraph. I had heard that the new Primitive Man split was coming out on vinyl and it was being released by one of my favorite cassette labels, Dry Cough, and got excited for both parties. The promo dropped into my inbox and on my first day as a member of the Nine Circles team, I staked my claim for my first review I was going to WOW them with. Slam-dunk, next up — amateur internet metal critic domination. The next day I started getting everything ready — pencil, detective-style moleskin notepad and the promo download. Then, I realized there’s only three songs on the LP. Three fucking songs. Two from Primitive Man, one from Sea Bastard. I’m kinda fucked and you can see the need for this seeming pointless back-story. This is the origin of a doomed mission.

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