Chaos Is Me: February 2020


We’re back with another edition of your favorite screamo column, Chaos is Me, later than I’d like this time but that’s what happens when you lose both your router and modem at the same time and have to live in the pre-internet age for a few days.  Fortunately, all is returned to normal, which is good, because this month we have some very heavy hitters to cover in this column, including an album I’ve been anticipating for literal years.  See how things stack up under the cut.

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Chaos is Me: January 2020

loma prieta promo photo

We’re back with the first official edition of this column in the new year.  2020 is already looking promising for screamo, both in terms of releases as well as recognition.  Heavy music-themed burger establishment Kuma’s Corner’s Indianapolis location announced that their coveted Burger of the Month for February will be an homage to Texan screamo rising stars Portrayal of Guilt, an honor that comes with a fried pork chop and pico de gallo slathered all over it.  Do Portrayal of Guilt deserve most of the credit for this for being the incredible band they are?  Absolutely.  Do I deserve some of the credit for focusing my will on bringing screamo into the wider collective consciousness?

Well, I’m not not saying that.

Pats on the back aside, here is more of the screamo you need in your life.
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Chaos is Me: 2019 Wrap-Up


So here we are, at the start of a new year and a new decade.  Naturally, this means the first thing I want to do is play catch-up with all the stuff I missed out on covering from last year.  The albums I’ll be talking about below are not from the previous month, as is tradition with this column (and will continue to be the norm).  Instead, these are from all over last year in terms of release date, but are albums that I felt called to bring attention to as one last goodbye to the year prior.  Join me in bidding 2019 farewell by celebrating more of the good it brought in the face of all the bad.

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Chaos is Me: November 2019

frail body
Photo by @MollyKinnunen on Twitter

November is traditionally a time to give thanks, so I’d like to say I’m thankful I’m still here, and you’re still here, and I’m still finding incredible albums to cover for this little column.  This month’s edition is coming a little later than I’d have liked, but better late than never.  We have some truly standout albums to talk about this time around, so without any further fanfare, let’s dive in.
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Chaos is Me: October 2019


Greetings once more, friends and readers.  Three months in and this little column is still around and kicking; this is a pretty cool accomplishment for me.  Normally my impulsive ideas lose steam by now, but I have to admit that reconnecting more fully and seriously with screamo has been a really positive experience for me.  After spending quite a few years with extreme metal being the center of my listening habits, this column feels like a return home, and I’m having a great time re-immersing myself in a genre that has always been a favorite of mine.  Hopefully you all are enjoying listening to me wax poetic as much as I am enjoying waxing it.  Without further ado, I’ve got three more albums to cover for you this time around, all from the month of October, so off we go… Continue reading