Sepulchral Saturday: -(16)- “Lifespan Of A Moth”

16 - Lifespan Of A Moth

Sepulchral Saturday is here at last and this time -(16)-‘s seventh full length Lifespan Of A Moth is the focus. It’s been a painfully long four years since their last full length but really this band has always operated on their own terms and good on them for not over saturating while keeping their fans clamoring for more. With the exception of two new members not much has changed for this California four piece. And really, nothing needs to change for this muscular sludge juggernaut either. They’ve seen plenty of internal change, but with this album and this lineup the band sound stronger than they have in years. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Sonic Poison – “Harsh Demonstration”

Sonic Poison - Harsh Demonstration

Since Repulsion obviously aren’t making another record it falls on bands like Finland’s Sonic Poison to carry the torch. And they do it extremely well on their demo, Harsh Demonstration. It’s not a long drawn out affair either, the band get in and get out in under 10 minutes but there’s no letup to their savage display of grind, death, and d-beat. Great music to bang a few whiskeys down to, I mean it is Saturday after all. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday (with Mini-Interview): Tourniquet – “Anatomy Of Obsession”

Tourniquet - Anatomy Of Obsession

Tourniquet is a metalcore band from New Jersey and on their first EP Anatomy Of Obsession they effectively squash all preconceived notions of the genre flat as a pancake. What sets them apart is the fire in their playing and obvious passion they have for the past. Not to mention their intensity, which is off the charts throughout this four song collection. It’s a ripper of an EP that grabbed my attention within the first minute and held it tight until the end. And continues to do so spin after spin. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Zeal and Ardor – ” Devil Is Fine”

Zeal and Ardor - Devil Is Fine

By now, chances are you’ve heard of New York’s Zeal and Ardor and if you’re anything like me you absolutely cannot get enough of second full length Devil Is Fine. It’s an amalgamation of so many different types of music — black metal, spirituals, hip hop, and bluesy folk — that on the surface shouldn’t work but it does and tremendously so. It’s a dark, satanic, and thoroughly engaging album and is a must for anyone looking for something far outside the standard lines of music. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Astral Path – “An Oath To The Void”


The cosmos. A concept capable of inspiring limitless imagination. Astral Path, an atmospheric black metal band out of Canada, has used the concepts of our known universe to fuel their debut album, An Oath To The Void. While this is not uncharted territory musically — the inspirations we hear will ring familiar very quickly — it’s still a sound that, when done well, can lift a listener to heights as infinite as the concepts behind them. That is exactly what Astral Path has done here. They have created one of the signature ambient atmospheric black metal albums of 2016. Continue reading