Visions ov Hell: Dead to a Dying World – “Cicatrix”


It has somehow already been a year and a half since Dead to a Dying World‘s impressive Litany was released. Yet, after earning ‘Best of’ marks from me at the end of 2015 and then following that up with easily one of the best sets at Migration Fest the following year, it seems like we still can’t stop talking about everything Dead to a Dying World has done recently. And that trend continues into 2017. Introduced just last Monday, Dead to a Dying World has crafted a visual element of mystery to accompany the second track off Litany called “Cicatrix”. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Overkill – “Goddamn Trouble”


Overkill has been around for 37 years. Roll that around on your tongue 3…7… years. And with what will be, as of this week with The Grinding Wheel, 18 full length albums it is nothing short of amazing that the band is still as good as they ever were. Personally I count Taking Over, Horrorscope and I Hear Black as some of the best thrash/heavy metal on the planet. And really they haven’t let off the gas since the early days, the formula from the beginning has been the same — come in at 1,000 mph and forget the brakes. Today on Visions ov Hell we take a look at “Goddamn Trouble” taken from The Grinding Wheel which is out later this week. Jump in the fire… Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Opeth – “Era”


Reading through the past editions of Visions ov Hell it’s readily apparent the art of the music video has come a long way from the days of standing still and faux playing to neon-strobed back projection (although in Sabbath’s case, it’s still pretty freaking cool). As the music became more ambitious, so did the videos until we arrive at a place where one could have the argument that not only are music videos a legitimate art form as well as a marketing tool, but that in some cases can elevate and even supersede the actual music. Opeth are certainly no strangers to the concept of evolution, their latest album Sorceress being a sort of culmination in the musical evolution/transformation begun with 2011’s Heritage so it’s fitting today’s entry is their new video for the aptly named “Era”. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Sourvein – “Avian Dawn”


Sourvein. If you know, then nothing else needs to be said. For everyone else, Sourvein is a sludge/doom juggernaut from North Carolina that has been around since 1992 but have never really had the kind of acclaim they should have. True, the band’s story is one of heartbreak after heartbreak, a literal revolving door of musicians and bouts of alcoholism among other things. But Aquatic Occult, their fourth full length, finds the band with a stable home at Metal Blade and with possibly their finest album to date. Today we take a look at Avian Dawn, the just released video from the band’s 2016 release. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Schammasch – “Metanoia”


Earlier this year, or better put, what seems like a lifetime ago, I spoke at length about the impressiveness that was the Schammasch epic triple album titled Triangle. While it came out some seven months ago now, there is no doubt that this expansive musical endeavor is still high up on my list of memorable albums from 2016. That said, just in case this early year release may have slipped out of focus with others, Schammasch have coupled Triangle with a stunning music video for one of the highlight tracks known as “Metanoia”. Continue reading