Album Review: Unnatural – “The Path to Ruin” (EP)

frontcoverBorn out of former members of Morgue and Temporal Bleed, Chicago-based death metal outfit Unnatural will soon be dropping their debut EP The Path to Ruin through Horror Pain Gore Death. With no inclination toward anything to do with modern death metal, The Path to Ruin is a simple, no-frills EP that relies on the weight of its delivery rather than any kind of inventiveness. It’s ridiculously primitive and bare-bones, almost to a fault, but it’s still an engaging listen, even if its value doesn’t go much beyond a few cursory spins.  Continue reading

Profile: Pink Mass

pink mass band photo

Pink Mass hail from New Jersey but you wouldn’t know it from their music. It’s more likely that they hail from the hedonistic under laid of hell where they fellate Satan in an effort to keep the world unbalanced. Their new album Slvt Kvlt is available now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. I urge you to check out their album, truly enjoy yourself and then get your butt over to one of their live shows ASAP. Continue reading

Profile: Mike Juliano of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

mike juliano horror pain gore death

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, located in Philadelphia, PA would appear to be nothing more than an old-school, Florida-style death metal outlet (so much so that I thought he was based in Tampa, FL because I’m an idiot)! But HPGD is so much more. Mike Juliano works tirelessly to ensure that he releases a broad spectrum of music. Music that is infectious, sometimes over-the-top in its campy factor and often hard-hitting in its musical evolution. You can always count on a HPGD release to have a cover that grabs your attention immediately. And you can always count on the music within to get your blood pumping. 2016 has seen a few releases from HPGD that are album of the year contenders. Time to get more familiar. So, here’s a profile of Mike Juliano, the guy behind one of the hardest working labels in America. And, I might add, a fantastic human being to talk metal with. Continue reading

Album Review: Plaguewielder – “Chambers of Death”

plaguewielder chambers of death

Hailing from the oh-so-tiny, yet oh-so-rich country of Luxembourg, Plaguewielder have somehow found something to be angry and depressed about. Their debut LP, Chambers of Death, reveals a band heavily rooted in doom but not afraid to experiment or cherry-pick influences from black metal. The album has its successes and its (admittedly, mild) failures, but makes for a pleasing listen overall. It’s a promising start from a band not likely to make the same album twice.

Continue reading

Album Review: Organ Dealer – “Visceral Infection”

Organ Dealer - Visceral Infection

You know the feeling you get when you first hear Repulsion? Or Pig Destroyer? That kind of needle-to-the-ear drums shock that hits you as you’re listening? Well, Organ Dealer channels it perfectly on their full length debut, Visceral Infection. The New Jersey five-piece keeps things turned up to 11, and injects just enough of a death metal sensibility to clearly articulate their thick and dirty sound. Continue reading