Initial Descent: March 5 – 11, 2017

Lock Up
Lock Up

Quick reminder before we get into this amazing week in metal: we gain our days back tomorrow so don’t be a knucklehead and use the “I forgot to set my clock right” excuse at work on Monday, just saying. Now for the goods: everyone’s favorite grind/death metal veterans Lock Up return with Demonization and, with a new frontman in Kevin Sharp, to say they’ve hit the biggest homerun of their career is an understatement — hearing is believing so get to it. Even though Engulfed‘s debut full length Engulfed In Obscurity has been out digitally for a minute it’s set for a CD release this week which is the perfect opportunity for those of you who missed it (you boneheads) to take advantage of some extremely dense and classic sounding death metal. Atmospheric black metallers Fen return with their fifth full length Winter and this is one you’re going to want to take the time to listen to in full — trust me it’s well worth it, don’t skimp just do it. And last but not least is In the Company of Serpents with their latest full length Ain Soph Aur which finds the band fully realizing their immense doom talents amongst a backdrop of spaghetti western motifs as they explore the “true self” and what a ride it is, think of your favorite doom band mixed with an old classic western film score — yet another one you just have to hear to believe. Alright so, the first four are ridiculously good but as always there’s much, much more to explore right after the jump.

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Album Review: Lock Up – “Demonization”


Is it fair to call Lock Up a “supergroup” at this point? It feels like a bit of a disservice when you listen to how consistent the music has been over the course of 18 years despite the fact that each LP has featured a different lineup. For a band that has seen its share of tragedy, personnel and scene changes Lock Up have always stayed remarkably true to their vision: to play a no-holds-barred combination of death and grind that refuses to comfortably sit easily in either genre. It’s always been brutal, it’s always been fast, and in their latest album Demonization it’s chanced upon the right mix of precision and fury to craft the best album of the band’s career to date.   Continue reading

Album Review: Saviours – “Palace Of Vision”

Saviours - Palace Of Vision

If there’s one thing that can be said about Saviours‘ body of work is that it’s energetic. Even though, thematically, they’re singing about dark subject matter and the end of everything we know. With each successive release, riffs are the horsepower under the hood. Never ones to shy away from a formula, the same can be said for their fifth full length, Palace of Vision. Four years have passed since Death’s Procession and the only deviation in sound this time out is a more cohesive album with better production. Continue reading

Initial Descent: October 16’s New Releases in Brief

panopticon band

Guys, it’s Panopticon day! I’m drafting this post at 8:30 in the morning, having already Bandcamped the entire album. You all know how I felt about Austin Lunn’s last album, so none of this should come as a surprise. You can bet we’ll be discussing this thing on the pod next week. (NEXT week, not tomorrow — that’s already been recorded.) But at any rate, oh hey! A lot of other cool stuff comes out this week, too. Let’s take a look:
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Album Review: The Order of Apollyon – “The Sword and the Dagger”

Order of Apollyon The Sword and the Dagger

When any album carries the tag of blackened death metal I get a bit leery before hearing it; as any fan knows, Behemoth have pretty much cornered this category, and have done so with amazing gusto. So it’s quite the surprise to hear an album within the genre that calms those fears—one that, while staying true to the main foundations of blackened death, does things a little differently and does them well. Such is the case with The Sword and the Daggerthe latest offering from France’s The Order of Apollyon.

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