Initial Descent: September 22 – 28, 2019

Creeping Death
Creeping Death, photo courtesy of Rahul Raveendran

Expect Halloween talk here for a bit, just FYI. Between Chris kicking off this year’s Hooptober, 3 From Hell, and AHS 1984 starting, the season is off to a killer start (see what I did there?). Those things are all great and as a bonus we’ve got, what might be, the longest list of new metal thus far so let’s jump right in…

Everything’s bigger in Texas, is what they say, and Creeping Death prove it on their full length debut of cracking death metal – don’t miss it folks, just don’t. Opeth return with their next prog filled opus and honestly some old Opeth creeps in but without a doubt, it’s another great album and I can’t wait to see all the “I’M MAD STILL” happen – wait for it…. You want psych metal that’s as retro as it is exceptionally great? The Neptune Power Federation definitely have you covered there and no they’re not a throwback rasslin’ group for those of you with questions. Last up top is everyone’s favorite sludgers, Fister, who cover classic metal tracks in their own wretched way. And it’s fantastic, so get on that. 

Start bingeing bloody horror and vile death metal, ‘tis the season. Continue reading

Profile: Crisix

crisix promo band photo

Barcelona born purveyors of thrashing clackety noise racket have been rocking hard since 2008. No longer merely a talented youthful group, the boys ended up winning Wacken Metal Battle contest in 2009 and being voted as best upcoming Spanish band in Rock Zone magazine for their debut album, The Menace (2011). Now they are back with their new album From Blue to Black showcasing tracks that are as devastating as they are catchy. Their new album (released 4.15.2016) is available here and don’t forget to click play below! Check out the boys on Facebook for more info. Continue reading