Subgenre of the Week: Doom Metal

As promised, here’s our Spotify playlist for Episode 2‘s Subgenre of the Week – doom metal!

Dan’s Tracks:

  • Candlemass – “At the Gallows End”
  • Pentagram – “Evil Seed”
  • Cathedral – “Equilibrium”
  • Saint Vitus – “The War Starter”
  • Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath”

Corey’s Tracks:

  • Vattnet Viskar – “Fog of Apathy”
  • Triptykon – “Boleskine House”
  • Evoken – “Descent Into Chaotic Dream”
  • Woods of Ypres – “Traveling Alone”
  • A Pale Horse Named Death – “Day of the Storm”

Check it out below and catch yourself up on doom metal!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.