Album Review: Baroness – “Purple”

Baroness - Purple - John BaizleyLong-time underground metal favorites Baroness have come forth with a long-awaited comeback record, Purple. After the devastating bus accident the band suffered in late 2012, no one was sure if we would ever again be graced with new Baroness. John Baizley and company have not merely survived the tragedy, but they have fought their way back to their craft with purpose, resolve, and strength.

Baroness has never been afraid to take chances and evolve as musicians. Some fans of their earlier records like First and Second or  even Red and Blue seem to have felt cheated by Baroness’ previous release Yellow and Green, the double album from 2012. It took me months to shake my disappointment in the band’s musical exploration on Yellow and Green to get to a point where I appreciated their growth and need to challenge themselves. I was worried that I would feel the same way with Purple and that it would take significant time to grow on me. I am pleased to say that I could not have been more wrong. Continue reading

Daily ‘Bang: Behemoth in Pictures

As we touched on in Episode 3, the crew over at Invisible Oranges has a great series of visuals of what legendary Behemoth brought to the Metal Alliance Tour this Spring.

Nergal gonna Nergal (Photo Credit: Caroline Harrison / Invisible Oranges)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the Metal Alliance Tour. Not quite. No, instead I had the (dis)pleasure of sitting through a few hours of New England Metal and Hardcore Festival‘s second day. Despite the bleeding ears, Behemoth was entirely worth it. To nobody’s surprise.

(Photo Credit: Caroline Harrison / Invisible Oranges)

For the full slate of images at Invisible Oranges, check them out here. I highly encourage it. Besides, the more people that enjoy these, the less ashamed I’ll feel about sitting through everything that preceded Behemoth’s set. Anyway, enjoy.


– Corey

Live, Love, Plow, Horns Up.