Concert Review: Behemoth at Webster Hall (April 23, 2016)

All photography courtesy of Johnny Perilla at NextMosh.Com

When I found out Behemoth was going to tour America yet again I was super psyched. I mean, the guys put on one hell of a show, are beyond polished musicians (no pun intended) and thoroughly seem to enjoy what they do. So I signed up. When I found out they were playing all of The Satanist in its entirety? Well I nearly lost my mind. I don’t know how everyone feels about Behemoth and I was certainly with people that prefer Demigod era, but, for me, and only me, The Satanist represents a pinnacle in their career, sound, lyrical underpinnings and live performance. So, after a few group emails, a date change and one birthday, a bunch of us got together and tramped on over to Webster Hall as a group. Continue reading