Angst and Loss in Acceptance: A Discussion of Swallow the Sun — “Moonflowers”

Swallow The Sun - Moonflowers

When I first started writing this piece, I thought I would end up writing a review where I would discuss how Moonflowers, Swallow the Sun’s newest release, was a departure from the grief we saw and heard previously. However, the more I listened, the more this evolved into something that needed to be discussed within the context of going through the stages of grief. I also felt that it was appropriate to make a call back to a piece I wrote many years ago that also dealt with doom metal and loss, but in a translated context. After all, being constantly surrounded by pain, grief, and loss makes someone introspective and reflective of where they are in this current time. This is the case with Moonflowers, an album that shows that hope and acceptance can bloom from the darkest of places.

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Album Review: Khemmis — “Deceiver”

Khemmis - Deceiver

Long have we waited for new Khemmis to grace our halls.  It’s been three years since the Denver doom wizards released a full-length. In that time, quite a lot has transpired both internally and externally for the now-trio.  Deceiver marks the band’s debut with Nuclear Blast, and it also showcases the band at their most introspective and at the peak of their musical prowess.  Fun fact: Khemmis was almost the first concert Angela and I went to, but I was too nervous to ask her to go with me because I thought she would think I was a weirdo because of my musical tastes.  Look at us now, reviewing this album together!

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Album Review: Mesarthim — “CLG J02182-05102”

Aah, space; the final frontier.  Cosmic black metal might not be new and uncharted territory, but arguably there’s no one who voyages deeper into the black depths of space as Mesarthim, the Australian powerhouse project that never seems to take a break for anything.  On their newest release CLG J02182-05102, which came out digitally in July but is seeing a physical release this week, they manage to literally and figuratively journey farther out into space than they have ever managed to before, and somehow still keep everything fresh.  The title might not roll off the tip of the tongue, but this is an album that will be caught in your brain for a long time to come.

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