Album Review: Insomnium — “Argent Moon” (EP)

Insomnium - Argent Moon

Do you smell that?

Fall – the sun is starting to set earlier, everything is becoming slightly darker, and we are now barreling towards the last quarter of 2021 while we try to understand how time has passed so quickly. However, this also means I can get my hands (and ears) on some of the most anticipated releases I have been waiting for most of the year. This includes three (!) upcoming melodic death releases, one of which I have been waiting for quite a long time. One such anticipated release is Insomnium, whose newest EP, Argent Moon, is what I would describe as a (softer) melodeath metal campfire story split into four parts.

The melodeath metal renaissance is upon us, and it’s not stopping for anyone.

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Album Review: Burial In The Sky — “The Consumed Self”

Ever since my interest in tech death began to expand, I had always heard about Burial In The Sky (Burial), but I never thought to actually listen to any of their music because I was too enamored by what other bands were doing to pay attention. However, once my interest grew and I opted to expand my tech death palette, I finally decided to jump in and see what I had been missing this entire time. It suffices to say that The Consumed Self, the band’s third album, is a cohesive tour de force that makes Alustrium’s A Monument to Silence pale in comparison with how intricate its instrumentality is.

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Album Review: Supreme Conception — “Empires of the Mind”

As everyone clearly knows at this point, I am pretty Technically Inclined, and my fascination for tech death has continued to grow with each month. Considering the amount of tech death I have been eyeing for the past few months, it seems that 2021 has become a good year for tech death, even with some less-than-stellar releases in its footing. However, this is not one of those pitfalls, as despite Empires of the Mind being an EP, Supreme Conception show that they are a band who clearly know exactly what they are doing.

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Album Review: King Woman — “Celestial Blues”

July has a theme for me – it is called “Hera needs to grapple with religion in mind, body, and spirit.”

After writing about fascinations with cults of personality (mind) and about finding salvation when realizing your regret (body), King Woman comes in and proceeds to absolutely wreck me spiritually with the blistering rage and experimental doomgaze of Celestial Blues, an album that follows from where their debut, Created in the Image of Suffering, ended. I have not stopped talking about this band since I found them in 2016, and CITIOS cemented my love for them, as I have never felt so seen by the vitriol Kris and co. spat towards religion and its inherent hypocrisy. To this day, religion follows me, especially due to how I choose to live and approach the decisions I have made in my life. As a lapsed Catholic and having grown up in a somewhat conservative Christian cult-like  environment, I have come to understand that the things I choose to align with are seen as wrong by those who both choose to ignore what’s going around them and embody a false sense of morality that they want to pass along to their flock. Let’s discuss.

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