Album Review: Conan — “Evidence of Immortality”

Conan - Evidence of Immortality

God knows I love doom, but I would hardly call myself a “doom connoisseur” like some people on this site (I don’t think she’s ever actually called herself that, but you get it).  But even so, doom is such a vast genre that, while our tastes in doom overlap some, I don’t think they’re really all that close.  Angela’s drawn to psychedelic, stoner and generally very ethereal doom, where I like the kind of doom that feels like being hit in the cerebellum with a wrecking ball, which is why I love Conan and their new album Evidence of Immortality.

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Jon Davis of Conan on their new album “Evidence of Immortality” and much more!

The UK’s Conan are the heaviest doom metal band on the planet right now. Full stop and let that sink in. If their previous four albums haven’t convinced, turn your attention to their fifth and newest offering Evidence of Immortality. Their brand of doom is the embodiment of Mad Max level of destruction set low and slow and tuned down to the gates of Hell and this album just puts an exclamation mark on that statement. Buke sat down with guitarist and vocalist Jon Davis for a wide ranging discussion surrounding the album, the band, and much more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy. 

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Video Premiere: MIGHT — “Shrine”

MIGHT - Shrine
Photo courtesy of Ana Muhi

On August 26, German based MIGHT will be releasing their second album titled Abyss, but today we’re excited to bring you their second video from that release, “Shrine.” As their previous release showed this band to be incredibly explosive, this track substantially builds on that. Nine Circles is proud to unveil this video premiere immediately below.

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Alex Baumann of Telekinetic Yeti on their new album “Primordial” and much more!

If psychedelic doom and blankets of weed haze surrounding a stack of Orange amps brings a tear of joy, Telekinetic Yeti is the band for you. Their debut Abominable was an absolute monster of doom and fuzz sonic impalement that was, and still is, the sweet nectar of the down tuned gods. And then we find out that all that sound is coming from a duo…mind blown. Now, here we are with their second full length Primordial and yet again, our minds are blown. It’s definitely a step up in nearly every department as well as several steps heavier while sounding better than ever. Buke recently had the chance to chat with guitarist and vocalist Alex Baumann surrounding the new album, how it came to be, and much more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy.

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Album Review: Deathwhite — “Grey Everlasting”

I often forget how vast the doom metal genre really is.  I fall into my favorite sub-sets, get comfortable, and forget to explore.  Many bands fit under the doom umbrella but move in all sorts of directions and styles.  One direction I have not dived too deeply into is melodic doom.  Deathwhite‘s latest album Grey Everlasting seemed like the perfect place to plunge a little further.  This band has been established now for ten years, so I would say they have some expertise in the genre.  With two amazing full-length releases under their belt, Grey Everlasting marks the third and quite possibly the best yet from the quartet.

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