Profile: Tommy Mirgiannis of Merchant


When you see a band likened to YOB, and particularly a relatively new band, the knee jerk reaction is to shrug it off. It’s easy to throw that kind of weight around and not deliver. But every once in awhile the stars align and this sort of promise actually comes to fruition. Such is the case with Australia’s Merchant on their upcoming second full length Beneath. From the majestic opening moments and subsequent heavy-as-a-ton-of-bricks approach on “Guile as Vice” to the cavernous swagger throughout “Succumbing” this band seems older and more seasoned than many of their counterparts. Since forming in 2014 they have a demo and Suzerain, their debut full length, under their belts and while Suzerain was thick with beefy riffs and soaked in fuzz, Beneath completely eclipses its predecessor with better songwriting and the kind of awe-inspiring feel that we’ve come to expect from this genre’s veteran statesmen. Just ahead of the album’s release we had the opportunity to ask Tommy Mirgiannis (vocals) our set of Profile questions so read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Isenordal – “Shores Of Mourning”


I’m going to go ahead and proclaim Isenordal‘s debut, Shores Of Mourning, one of my better new discoveries to emerge in 2017. It may still be early in the year — and my personal lackadaisical approach to new music hasn’t helped either — but don’t let any of that take away from how impressive and transcending this neofolk/funeral doom project is. Dark and addicting, Isenordal have created something that will continue to mesmerize us long after the first several spins have elapsed. I would not be surprised in the slightest if additional praise resurfaces as we approach this year’s conclusion. Continue reading

Donuts & CANTO: Amorphis, Decapitated, Khemmis and more!

niclas etelavuori live
Ex-Amorphis bassist Niclas Etelavuori

April 28, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you might have missed from yesterday:

    • Leading off, longtime Amorphis bassist Niclas Etelävuori has left the band, citing not issues with his bandmates, but rather, issues with alleged mismanagement. The band has recruited original bassist Olli-Pekka Laine to fill in for their upcoming summer festival commitments.

Continue reading

Album Review: Morast – “Ancestral Void”


Blackened doom metal has a small kvlt following. Few bands like the approach a great deal, but when it is played without shenanigans, it is no ordeal for the listener.

Morast’s Ancestral Void is an album quite like that. It is morose, suffocating, entrenching. It is a fall from a harrowing flight down a plumbing depth of sorrow without hope of ever returning. Continue reading

Concert Review: Pilgrim and Heavy Temple, 3/11/2017


Disclosure: there were actually four bands on this particular bill. After a bit of a delay in getting into the venue, I missed most of Manic Abraxas. And since I had a drive ahead of me and was traveling with a party of people that were on varying levels of intoxication, I missed the headlining Hessian. So it goes. Regardless, this was a tremendously fun evening, and both Heavy Temple and Pilgrim were a big part of the reason why. Continue reading