Album Review: Wo Fat — “The Singularity”

Let’s get the long and short of this review out of the way right off the bat: if you’re a fan of stoner heavyweights Wo Fat, you’ll likely be well aware of — and hyped as fuck for — The Singularity, the band’s first full-length in nearly six years. After all, the Texas trio possesses an immense scope and abundance of god-tier stoner riffs, which combine to make each new release feel like a proper event. When you hear rumblings from the House of Wo Fat, you get pumped — it’s that simple. And guess what? On The Singularity, the band continues to make damn good on all that hype.

Those looking for a bit more than the TL;DR version? Read on…

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Spiral Skies’ Frida Eurenius on new album “Death Is But A Door,” growing up in Stockholm, and much more!

Spiral Skies recently released their second full length, Death Is But A Door, and it is an exceptional example of just how good psychedelic doom and classic heavy metal can sound when paired the way this band does it. Buke recently chatted with vocalist Frida Eurenius regarding this new album and how it came to be. They also covered how it was to grow up in Stockholm, Sweden, a chance Opeth encounter at a local grocery store, women in metal and trying to be an inspiration for her daughter, how she got into singing, the band’s shared love of power metal, and so much more. We now present that conversation to you in its entirety so grab your drink of choice, a chair, and enjoy.

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Ufomammut on new album “Fenice,” intense passion for art, and so much more!

Image courtesy of Francesca De Franceschi Manzoni

On their ninth full length album, FeniceUfomammut are all about the finesse of their already well established and powerful, psychedelic doom metal. They continue to push their own boundaries and move the bar even higher for any band trying to chase them. And let’s face it, plenty have since Ufomammut have influenced countless others along the way. Just ahead of the album’s release, Buke sat down with PoiaUrlo, and Levre for an in depth discussion surrounding the new album and how it came to be, band history and how they eventually landed on their signature sound, using synthesizer, their intense passion for art as well as a discussion on album art, how hard Covid hit Italy and how they all handled it, how it was for Levre to join an already established band, and so much more. We now present that conversation to you in its entirety so grab your drink of choice, a chair, and enjoy. 

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Receiving the Evcharist — Static Abyss and Schilling Beer Co.

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Alright, I’m going to preface this column a little differently today. I tend to embrace the drafting process for these, as they serve as a highlight in the transition from work week to weekend, but this week has found me feeling like absolute crap from start to finish, so my enthusiasm isn’t… quite there. I just can’t wait to be fully functional again. But hey, is that going to stop me from drinking a beer or two on a Thursday night? Hell no. I mean, sure, my tastebuds might not be exactly right, and my hearing is definitely thrown off by multiple days of stupidly intense congestion, but who cares! Both of the items I’m consuming this evening need to be shared. What I’ve been enjoying is brutally dark, heavy, and complex… and so is the metal!

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Absent In Body’s CHVE and Mathieu on new album “Plague God,” skateboarding, Belgium, and much more! 

Absent In Body are the absolute epitome of a supergroup with membership spanning Amenra, Neurosis, and Sepultura. Just the thought of these souls coming together for a project brings to mind some of the heaviest, most emotional and spiritualistic filled music on the planet. And that’s exactly what they’ve cooked up on debut Plague God. It’s not unlike anything this group has done before yet it’s entirely its own thing with an industrial tinge that‘s pointed with sludge and doom and seismic levels of suffocating atmosphere. Buke sat down with Colin H. Van Eeckhout and Mathieu J. Vandekerckhove to discuss the new album, how it came to be, what brought the band together, and the multitude of ideas behind it all. They also discuss how it felt for these two artists to branch out a bit musically in the Absent In Body mindset, skateboarding and the joys, and pain, of the sport, the Belgian metal scene and how they both were first exposed to metal, their friendship with Scott Kelly and Igor Cavalera, working with Relapse Records, the decision to have Amenra’s last album in their native tongue, and so much more.

This is an epic conversation with two legendary artists, so grab your beverage of choice and settle in for another edition of the Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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