Album Review: Body Void – “I Live Inside a Burning House”

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When you talk about something being heavy, what does that mean to you?  Heavy as in the music, the tone of the instrumentation, the thickness of sound?  Heavy as in the songwriting, the manner in which the riffs hit the ears?  Heavy as in the subject matter, the lyrical inspirations of the album?  With San Fransisco’s Body Void and their latest album I Live Inside a Burning Houseyou get the sum of all three of these, and the result is undeniably heavy.   Continue reading

Profile: Georgia’s Doom Metal Duo Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf

Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf

Tommy Stewart has been, and still is, in several bands over the years and one of which was the thrash / speed metal band Hallows Eve. Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf went in a different direction entirely with doom metal and in January released the single “Shadow In the Well” which serves as a taste from the band’s next album. Listening to the slow, methodical pacing here and the brooding atmosphere it’s a no-brainer that Tommy has been in the game for a long time and not only knows how to craft some wicked metal but twist it into classic sounding yet very dark doom metal. And he does it with just bass, vocals and Eric Vogt on drums. We had the chance to catch up with Tommy and ask him our set of Profile questions to which he was extremely gracious in his answers. Keep reading to see what he had to say. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Nod – “Mountain Void” (EP)

Nod - Mountain Void

Continuing the birth of the underground music scene in Columbus, Georgia, upcoming stoner doom metal band Nod manages to form a subtle landscape that you couldn’t find in the book of Genesis. With their new EP, Mountain Void, the band exemplifies the kind of psychedelics that isn’t all that airy while managing to maintain the perfect balance of wind and ground. Continue reading

Album Review: Eagle Twin – “The Thundering Heard”

Eagle Twin - The Thundering Heard

Eagle Twin are back with a giant slab of blues fueled doom that is sure to satisfy.  The Thundering Heard delivers the goods in a big way and has me reminiscing about the doom revival in the aughts that captivated my listening when I started paying close attention to modern metal. Continue reading

Premiere: Kolossor – “Wall of Sleep”

Kolossor - Crown of Horns

When thinking of sludge metal, southern New Jersey might not be the first place that comes to mind but Kolossor is out to change that with Crown of Horns, their full length debut which is set for release April 6 via Sludgelord Records. These ten tracks consist of three you may remember from their 2017 self-titled EP and the other seven build on their already established massively thick sound. It’s sludge and doom with a slight nod to stoner metal fuzz that rounds the edges out just enough to showcase their collective ability to dance around a gnarly groove. Today, Nine Circles is excited to premiere the third track, “Wall of Sleep” so head inside to check it out for yourself. Continue reading