Profile: California’s Grey Metal Trio Bloodmoon


Bloodmoon aren’t trying to coin a new genre — Grey Metal — it’s just that their brand of doom metal is more than meets the eye on their recently released full length Supervoid Trinity and Grey Metal fits perfectly. Over the course of 46 minutes, the three tracks contained cover anguished doom, avantgarde and jazz-like song structures and atmospheric reflection. The band has been around since 2010 and have a handful of releases under their belts but Supervoid Trinity is the most accomplished and best sounding album they’ve done to date. Through a random email and a love for what the band is doing we had the opportunity to ask them our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what they had to say and show them some support from the links contained within. Continue reading

Album Review: Vile Creature – “Cast of Static and Smoke”

vile creature cast of static and smoke

While the last few years may have been dominated by talk of just how many great death metal releases we’ve gotten (and who could blame anyone for saying so), looking to the future, I feel that there is a change in the winds coming: 2018 is going to be the year of doom metal.  With releases on the horizon from Fórn, Body Void, and Thou, to say nothing of genre stalwarts like Mournful Congregation, there’s a lot to get excited over in the world of all things slow and heavy.  Setting the tone for all these releases to come, and setting the bar pretty high at that, is Cast of Static and Smoke, the new release from Canadian duo Vile Creature.   Continue reading

Profile: Nihilistic Doom Duo Nest


We recently had the pleasure of premiering Metempsychosis, the debut full length from Kentucky’s Nest and if for some reason you still don’t own a copy of this nihilistic and nasty doom album, go here and check it out for yourself. This is one that simply must be experienced to be believed. On the heels of Metempsychosis‘ release date we had the chance to ask Corey Stringer (drums, vocals) and Kyle Keener (guitars, noise) our set of Profile questions to get a deeper understanding of Nest. Head inside to see what they had to say and be sure to grab your own copy from the links contained within.

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Album Premiere: Nest – “Metempsychosis”

Nest - Metempsychosis

When the first lyric on an album is “suicide,” the term nihilistic has truly found its place. And even more so when the music surrounding it is a heap of distorted and downright nasty doom metal. Such is the case with Kentucky’s Nest on their debut full length Metempsychosis. The album is nine tracks of hopelessness, despair and total contempt for the world as we know it. And unlike most doom albums, the entire runtime here is 30 minutes and some change — lean and mean for this genre. Simply put, it makes its point quickly but sticks with you long after the last note rings out. Metempsychosis will be out tomorrow via Sludgelord Records but today we have the pleasure of premiering it in full for your listening enjoyment.  Continue reading

Album Review: Sixes – “Methistopheles”

Sixes - Methistopheles

Doom metal — at its most basic — uses slower tempos, downtuned guitars and mountains of feedback to produce a heavy yet thick sound. When properly combined and depending on each individual artist, these things evoke a sense of dread, despair and helplessness. Southern California’s Sixes not only successfully achieve this on their debut Methistopheles but they add aggressive sludge, abrasive vocals and even flurries of black metal to the mix. To say that Sixes are offering a litmus test in mental fortitude would be an understatement. And even though it can get long in the tooth, it showcases the capability of this genre to get under your skin and worm its way into your psyche. Continue reading