Interview: Aaron of Falls of Rauros on “Vigilance Perennial,” Sonic Construction, and Musical Identity

falls of rauros

For over a decade Falls of Rauros have taken the folk/black metal template and subtly expanded its scope to encompass a number of musical styles all while maintaining a singular vision. New album Vigilance Perennial feels like the culmination of this musical exploration: a deep, layered tapestry of melody and aggression that isn’t afraid to rely on the strength of its quieter moments to complement the harsher passages. Nine Circles took the time to talk with founding member Aaron Charles about the band’s history, approach to writing, as well as where and how they fit into the black/folk metal tag. Check it out after the jump.   Continue reading

Interview: Dodecad on Influences, Conceptual Themes and the Impact of Noise


Recently our inbox received an email from a Missouri based band called Dodecad and rather than simply saying who they were and what they play the message went into further particulars. Namely the way they described themselves, things they had read and a chance encounter with Eyehategod’s Dixie Whiskey all served to pique my interest. And the funny thing was they weren’t pushing a new album, in fact their last EP, Growth, came out in 2015. Again, interest piqued. So, I dove in intently and listened to the two EP’s that are currently available and was blown away by their intense mixture of noise rock, sludge and at times mathy song structures. Needless to say in a short 20 plus minute span I became a fan and had to know more (proving that sometimes good things can come by pure chance). I wanted to know just what or who influenced them, more on the concepts behind the cerebral artwork and numeric titles, and the personal impact that noise has had on these individuals and the band itself. As you will see in the band’s responses they were more than gracious with their time and give immense insight into all of this and more. Read on after the jump.

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Profile: Kevin De Leneer of Saille


Belgium’s melodic black metallers Saille (pronounced sahl-yeh) will be releasing their fourth full length Gnosis this week via Code666. Saille was formed in 2008 and over the course of their previous three albums the band has grown and matured exponentially to what we have in front of us now on Gnosis. Their original goal was to create melodic black metal with an “epic and threatening feel” and they’ve done just that since the beginning but here the fruits of their labor are fully realized: the brute force of “Prometheus”, the sweeping scope of “Magnum Opus” and the british heavy metal meets epic power feel of closer “1904 Era Vulgaris” proves the point beyond any question. Being inspired previously by horror literature and HP Lovecraft themes each album features a different concept and Gnosis is no exception as the band explores the Promethean ideal and its Luciferian counterpart (aka striving for knowledge and the consequences thereof). But they also lightly touch on Aleister Crowley’s Thelema — huge themes for a band to tackle but Saille does it with ease and makes a believer out of the listener with their skilled songwriting and musicianship. We recently got the chance to ask drummer Kevin De Leneer our set of Profile questions, see what he had to say after the jump. Continue reading

Profile: Marc Bourgon of Cancelled, Greber

Marc Bourgon

Marc Bourgon hails from Southern Canada and has been making music in one form or another for many years — as you will read below. His music, whether in Greber or Cancelled is extremely hard to classify which is one reason his output is so magnetic. It contains elements of powerviolence, doom, sludge, ambient and noise — depending on which band you’re listening to — but either way he hangs his hat on no tags. One look at his Bandcamp pages and you’ll get an idea. This week his project Cancelled will be releasing Tenebrific, an EP containing three songs in roughly 16 minutes that can only be described as progressive doom metal. And even that is questionable as the songs stretch out in different levels of heavy doom and horror inspired synth set to some grueling vocals, put plainly it’s an epic journey that is over entirely too soon. This is why the digital gods made a repeat button. Anyway, we got the chance to ask Marc our set of Profile questions so jump in and see what he had to say… Continue reading

Profile: Deadwound


SW London based Deadwound are set for their debut EP, Identity Shapes, release later this week and it’s five tracks of unrelenting doom/sludge filtered through a black metal soaked rag. Pent up aggression and unbridled anger boil to the surface on tracks like “Crucifixed” and “Cruel Road” but they are just as effective on the slow paced acid burn of “Kult Warrior.” We recently featured a stream of “Witch” here and I highly suggest you check it out as it’s all you get until Friday. We recently got the chance to ask the band our series of Profile questions so read on to see what they had to say. Continue reading