Profile: Max Lindstrom of God Mother

God Mother
God Mother – pic courtesy of Stephen Odom

Sweden has produced many of metal’s outstanding acts over the years and this tradition continues with God Mother who will be releasing their second full length, Vilseledd, on October 20 via Party Smasher Inc. The band’s combination of grind, sludge and hardcore defies easy one word genre classification and is as much at home during spastic flurries of angular dissonance as it is with noisy experimentation. If the band’s debut Maktbehov impressed with its no-holds barred approach, Vilseledd ups the ante with a matured fury that said debut only dreamed of. Ahead of the album’s release we got the chance to ask guitarist Max Lindstrom our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say and by all means, take a listen while you’re at it.

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Profile: Anthony Hoyes and Rock Rollain of Vorzug


Arizona is killing it with death metal bands lately and Vorzug is another one you should be familiar with based solely on the strength of their 2015 debut Call of the Vultures. But if you missed out fear not, earlier this year the band released a three song EP, aptly titled Three. The band’s take on death metal is unique in the sense that they incorporate elements of classic, traditional heavy metal but keep it brutal with those wickedly guttural vocals. One listen to the EP’s opening track “The Ever Living” and thoughts of early Judas Priest and Angel Witch dance through your head. There’s furious guitar work, classic melodies, blast beats and even subtle hints of black metal to be found but the solid base of these tracks is razor sharp death metal — to say these it’s a ton of fun is an understatement. We got the chance to ask Anthony Hoyes and Rock Rollain our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what they had to say and click the streams while you’re reading. Continue reading

Profile: Francis Roberts of Old Man Wizard

Old Man Wizard
Old Man Wizard

Old Man Wizard is a progressive heavy rock band based out of Southern California and have been around since 2011. This week will see the release of their 7″ single “Innocent Hands” which will include a B side. Today is the last day you can catch them on the road for a bit so if you’re in San Diego, CA make a stop at Soda Bar and pick up a copy of for yourself but hang around to hear the band’s amazing chops. What you’ll find on this single is a cross between Mastodon and Baroness with a heavy dose of uplifting ambience and honestly uplifting is something we could all use right now. Just ahead of this single’s release we got a chance to ask Francis Roberts (guitar, vocals) our set of Profile questions so read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading

Profile: Tyler Fedeli of Lör


Last week saw the independent release of progressive power metal band Lör‘s debut full length In Forgotten Sleep and if you missed out then, now is a great time to dig in because it’s a mountain of fun to listen to. There’s so much going on from power metal to death metal to folk to prog rock that it would seem, on first glance, that it wouldn’t work but it does and very well I might add. Take the excellent chops of Amorphis and blend them with the over the top epicness of Blind Guardian and you get the idea. We recently got the chance to ask Tyler Fedeli (lead vocals) our set of Profile questions so read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading