Ageless Oblivion’s David Porter on “Suspended Between Earth and Sky,” dissecting a long hiatus, progression of sound, and much more!

Ageless Oblivion
Ageless Oblivion – courtesy of Adam Pegg – Village Fete

Ageless Oblivion¬†just broke a seven year hiatus with the outstanding¬†Suspended Between Earth and Sky. This, their third full length, sees the band’s sound veer further towards the ominously atmospheric side of death metal than their last outing,¬†Penthos. This is an album that is as vicious as it is dark and as dense as it is vast. Put in other words, a truly excellent album for death metal fans and beyond. Head inside for an in depth discussion via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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Endseeker’s Ben Liepelt on “Mount Carcass,” the magic of Dimebag, European metal festivals, and much more!

endseeker band

Mount Carcass is the latest from German death metal merchants Endseeker, and it dives deep into that classic old school sound pioneered by the likes of Entombed, Carnage, and Dismember.  Sure, it’s easy to grab an HM-2 and tune down to Drop B, but Endseeker bring the songwriting chops and vision to not just emulate the old guard but bring their own modern spin to the genre.  The riffs are tight, the groove is firmly in the pockets, and the tone?  Chef’s kiss, my friends.    

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Cryptosis’s Frank te Riet on “Bionic Swarm,” Metal in the Netherlands, Switching Names (and Direction), Soccer, and Much More!

Bionic Swarm, the debut from Cryptosis has become an early favorite for many of the staff at Nine Circles.  Jamming together old school thrash, progressive death metal, and a healthy dose of symphonic black metal in its arrangements, it’s the kind of debut that instantly slams into your skull and rewires your brain. 

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TECHNICALLY INCLINED, Episode 3: Beyond Creation’s “The Aura”

Welcome back to another edition of Technically Inclined! In Round 3, we took a gander at Quebecois quartet Beyond Creation, and their debut album, The Aura.

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The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Demiser was March 2021’s Album of the Month!

Episode 71 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing covers the debut full length from South Carolina’s Demiser, Through the Gate Eternal. Buke again captains the episode with a handful of the usual, and not so usual, suspects in tow as they discuss, and break down this album and this band.

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