Nine Circles is a team-run blog dedicated to heavy metal music of all types. Created by Dan Kaplan and Corey Butterworth, the site was born as Horns Up in April 2014 and offers a broad look at the world of metal through news stories, album and concert reviews and much, much more. It’s irreverent, banter-filled coverage of the genre we know and adore.

Reborn as Nine Circles in March 2015 the vision shifted to providing a greater array of content in addition to the already packed podcast. Nine Circles now includes: unique daily content, daily recaps, monthly columns, reviews, profiles, interviews and much, much more.

Today, Nine Circles is a constantly growing and evolving site that implements new content and writing styles regularly. While some of the guard has since ventured elsewhere in life, the Nine Circles soul remains intact.

If you’d like to pitch us on any content or if you are interested in joining our team, please feel free to email us at ninecirclesblog@gmail.com.

Denizens of Hell

Corey Butterworth – Literati Overlord

Josh Stewart – Arch Demon

Dan Kaplan – Head Retrocutor

Chris Voss – Necrolytic Scribe

Vincent Martinek – Metal Visionary; Passionate Man

Zyklonius – Devourer of Donuts

J. Andrew – Fallen Angel

Josh Thieler – Disciple

Curtis Dewar – Disciple

Jeremy Hunt – Disciple

Ashley Tomberlin – New Blood

Hera Vidal – New Blood

Mark McKeel – New Blood

Ernesto Aguilar – New Blood