Album Review: Turbid North — “The Decline”

Turbid North - The Decline

Memory can be a fickle thing. Too many years have passed since the release of 2015’s celebrated Eyes Alive and my recollections have admittedly become somewhat hazy, but I nevertheless recalled Turbid North sounding entirely different than the barrage of singles released ahead of The Decline, an album that contains a degree of ferocity and variety you don’t get to hear every day.

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Album Review: -(16)- — “Into Dust”


Sometimes you can be aware of a band, even like their stuff, but not have that connection that turns a band from something you’re passively a fan of to something you actively seek out. When it comes to the pummeling sludge of -(16)-, that turning point came with 2020’s Dream Squasher, an album that squashed my dreams and sent me reeling, eventually landing on my end of year list for 2020. Rather than try to top that, new album Into Dust feels like the band stretching their leathery wings, trying for new sonic waves to inform their crushing brand of sludge and doom. No surprise that it works, but it’s a deeper, darker album that takes a few listens before you fall under the band’s specific spell.

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Matt Price of Behold! The Monolith on their new album “From the Fathomless Deep” and much more!

Behold the Monolith

Four albums in with From the Fathomless Deep and Behold! The Monolith are heavier than ever. Call it sludge with black metal and progressive tendencies, call it metal with a nasty attitude, or call it whatever you want; these guys hit and hit hard. There’s no denying that fact. Buke sat down with guitarist Matt Price for a wide ranging discussion surrounding their new album, some band history, and so much more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy. 

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Video Premiere: MIGHT — “Shrine”

MIGHT - Shrine
Photo courtesy of Ana Muhi

On August 26, German based MIGHT will be releasing their second album titled Abyss, but today we’re excited to bring you their second video from that release, “Shrine.” As their previous release showed this band to be incredibly explosive, this track substantially builds on that. Nine Circles is proud to unveil this video premiere immediately below.

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