Album Review: The Ditch and the Delta – “Hives in Decline”

Hives in Decline17796436_1259379870797786_4705478823159974786_n

Before we dive into Hives in Decline, the debut LP from The Ditch and the Delta allow me a moment to lament the original introduction to this piece, which I thought was a fair and funny bit about how a successful sludge album is a lot like a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup™.  I’m not saying it was comedy gold, but it was clever and fun and served to set the theme for the review.  Alas, when doing digging into their previous EP I saw that another publication essentially used the same joke (and better, to be fair).

So farewell, original intro.  I thought you were funny, but so did someone else, and almost two earlier to boot.  At least you served as fodder for this new intro.  Now let’s talk about massive riffs and grooves instead.   Continue reading

Interview: Dodecad on Influences, Conceptual Themes and the Impact of Noise


Recently our inbox received an email from a Missouri based band called Dodecad and rather than simply saying who they were and what they play the message went into further particulars. Namely the way they described themselves, things they had read and a chance encounter with Eyehategod’s Dixie Whiskey all served to pique my interest. And the funny thing was they weren’t pushing a new album, in fact their last EP, Growth, came out in 2015. Again, interest piqued. So, I dove in intently and listened to the two EP’s that are currently available and was blown away by their intense mixture of noise rock, sludge and at times mathy song structures. Needless to say in a short 20 plus minute span I became a fan and had to know more (proving that sometimes good things can come by pure chance). I wanted to know just what or who influenced them, more on the concepts behind the cerebral artwork and numeric titles, and the personal impact that noise has had on these individuals and the band itself. As you will see in the band’s responses they were more than gracious with their time and give immense insight into all of this and more. Read on after the jump.

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Exclusive Stream: Deadwound – “Witch”


Black Bow Records has announced the debut EP, Identity Shapes, from SW London based Deadwound and is set for a February 17 release. The band features members of Bast and Silent Front which readily explains their black metal soaked doom/sludge set to the pace of d-beat hardcore. Ahead of the EP’s release we have an exclusive stream of “Witch,” the third track and quite possibly one of the best. Take a listen for yourself after the jump. Continue reading

Profile: Shroud Eater


Florida’s Stone Eater have been around since 2009 and have amassed one full length, a handful of EP’s and a split release with Dead Hand in that time. Through all of this they’ve refined their sound into a sludge/doom juggernaut with occult and mythology thrown in for good measure. To put it in context, they ride comfortably between the heavier sludge of Kylesa and the galloping riff wizardy of High On Fire. Indeed that’s a tall order but this trio pulls it off masterfully. We recently got the chance to ask our set of Profile questions to the band and all three members were nice enough to offer input. See what they had to say, after the jump. Continue reading

Album Review and Interview: Call of the Void – “AYFKM”


Call of the Void - AYFKM

Call of the Void is a relatively young band for as much as they have accomplished since forming. They signed a deal with Relapse Records before releasing their debut in 2013. Their records have been solid and reviewed positively across the board. They’ve toured extensively with awesome bands like Bleak and Inter Arma: making a reputation on fantastic and intense live shows. AYFKM is their first release since losing their vocalist after releasing Ageless in 2015. With their crushing live performance and praise-worthy studio releases, I had no worries about how the new release would be. Continue reading