The Third Circle of Bandcamp: Year End 2019 Edition

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Welcome back, friendo. This month we’re going to do it a little different, because December was slow AF, and we’re all in the spirit of year-end lists. So this time, I’m going to give you a selection of my absolute favorite tracks of the year. Things you might have missed, things *I* might have missed. Just good music all around. 2019 was a year for the books, fingers crossed 2020 delivers. We’ll see what January gives us.

Oh yeah. This one’s a double. What can I say? It was a great year. Oh, and it ain’t all metal. Sorry metal fam, sometimes you just gotta take your medicine. Clocking in at just over two hours, I hope this helps you adjust to the fact that we now live in the future.

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Chaos is Me: 2019 Wrap-Up


So here we are, at the start of a new year and a new decade.  Naturally, this means the first thing I want to do is play catch-up with all the stuff I missed out on covering from last year.  The albums I’ll be talking about below are not from the previous month, as is tradition with this column (and will continue to be the norm).  Instead, these are from all over last year in terms of release date, but are albums that I felt called to bring attention to as one last goodbye to the year prior.  Join me in bidding 2019 farewell by celebrating more of the good it brought in the face of all the bad.

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The Path to Paradise Begins in Hell – Addendum, Part II

The Path to Paradise Begins In Hell

It’s been a while (9/19) since I have written something for the column, but real life sucks; between grad school and putting my body through the wringer, priorities shifted and this kept getting pushed back. However, this hasn’t stopped me from listening to music and writing about other things, so we are going to continue the addenda. There are five genres left and then we can finally move on to other genres and whatever else I want to write about, because after two more genres, we might be going into no man’s land.

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The Third Circle of Bandcamp: November 2019 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

This month’s Third Circle is all about energy. You’ll need it to suffer through the holidays, and suffer you will, because that’s always how it goes. So here’s just over an hour of November’s primo Bandcamp finds.

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Chaos is Me: November 2019

frail body
Photo by @MollyKinnunen on Twitter

November is traditionally a time to give thanks, so I’d like to say I’m thankful I’m still here, and you’re still here, and I’m still finding incredible albums to cover for this little column.  This month’s edition is coming a little later than I’d have liked, but better late than never.  We have some truly standout albums to talk about this time around, so without any further fanfare, let’s dive in.
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