Wolverine’s Thomas Jansson and Marcus Losbjer on new album “A Darkened Sun,” mechanics of making an audio/visual release, maturation, and so much more!

Sweden’s Wolverine have just released their seventh full length, A Darkened Sun, and continue to be on the forefront of the progressive rock/metal landscape with lush melodies, heavy lyrical content, powerful performances, and music that is truly timeless. Along with that list of accomplishments they can now add an audio/visual release that is stunning, to say the least. Head directly below to hear all about it with roughly an hour of conversation.

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Nine Circles ov…Metal I Missed During Blood Red

Each year I take a break from writing about metal on this site to regale the 10-12 of you who read Blood Red with reviews on horror films from every corner of the globe.  Different sub-genres, different themes…vastly different modes of execution.

Kinda like metal, no?

Anyway, I’ve managed to vaguely keep up with some of what’s been going on in the extreme metal scene a bit, with different sounds catching my ears when I wasn’t knee-deep in Evil Dead homages and terrible, terrible remakes of mediocre horror films.  So for this edition of Nine Circles ov… I wanted to say a few (very few – I’m tapped at the moment after writing over 16,000 words on horror movies) words on some metal that wasn’t coveted here on the site, but managed to stick in my ears long enough to register as something I dug.

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Album Review: Wolverine — “A Darkened Sun”

Wolverine - A Darkened Sun

The image above is not the album cover for Wolverine‘s seventh album, A Darkened Sun. What it is however, is an image that made an impression from the visual side of this audio/visual release. Wolverine have decided to do something particularly special here and put the listener in front of a half hour silent film surrounded by their lush yet impressive progressive metal. Ambitious? Yes. Asking a lot from fans? Again, yes. But, why not? After all, it is 2020 and the world is in a perpetual state of bad or worse consistently and any chance to break free from the norm is a welcome one. Plus, Wolverine don’t peddle your typical progressive metal so breaking free from the norm is something they take great pride in. Ambition equals tremendous success here, let’s discuss.

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Profile: Greek Prog Metallers Calyces

The 2000s shaped progressive metal into the juggernaut it is today and classic rock from the 70s sealed its legendary status with bands that were larger than life. Greek progressive metallers Calyces paid close attention to all of this on their upcoming debut full length, Impulse To Soar. The album is drenched in all the above but also has a slight taste of the sludgy yet atmospheric sound that we’ve come to know from bands that cut their teeth in the Savannah, GA scene. But, best of all, it’s a very memorable debut, one that begs repeat listens due to its mystifying songwriting and catchy grooves. Just ahead of the album’s release, we had the chance to pose our set of Profile questions to the band so head directly below to see how it went down and be sure to give them some support via the links contained within.

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