Profile: Zack Hembree of TORO


Atlanta, Georgia based TORO self-released their debut EP, Departure, back in March and in case you missed it, today you can rectify that. If you count the heaviness of Anciients, the prog approach of Crack the Skye era Mastodon and the crushing weight of doom metal as some of your favorite things then this EP should be in your ears, pronto. If anymore persuasion is needed, Matt Bayles manned the mixing. The doom/prog/rock concoction this five piece has put together is nothing short of amazing for a debut and truthfully the sky’s the limit moving forward. We recently had the opportunity to ask Zack Hembree (vocals) our set of Profile questions, read on to see what he had to say.

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Profile: Larry Brent of Contra


Does that band name ring a bell? It should, it was only one of the biggest selling games of its time. But also, if the riffs found within sound familiar but you can’t quite put your finger on it, think back to Sofa King Killer (say it slow and pay attention). Anyway, video game inspired Contra are soon to be releasing their debut full length album Deny Everything and in case you missed the reference above, this is a riff centered metal band kin to the likes of the groovier than ever Clutch and the doomy side of Down. Heavy but extremely catchy is this band’s trademark and their full length is chock full of it. Just ahead of the July 1 release date we got a chance to ask vocalist Larry Brent our set of Profile questions so read on to see what he had to say.

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Exclusive Stream: Violet Cold – “Lovegaze”


On July 21st, Violet Cold‘s latest full length album Anomie, will be available as a special edition on vinyl and cassette. It is 100% an opportunity worth jumping on, and if you’re familiar with this project and this album, you already understand why. We’ll get into some of the details about all that a bit later. But for now, we would like to celebrate the approaching July 21st date with a stream of the mesmerizing third track on the album titled “Lovegaze”. Check it out below. Continue reading

Book Review: Henry Rollins’ “Get In the Van” by Will Rivera of Lord

Henry Rollins - Get In the Van

Over the next few months Nine Circles is very pleased to bring you a new series of book reviews written by musicians throughout the metal scene. As much as they love to write their own blast beats, discordant riffs and swirling maelstroms they also love to read and, for all of our benefit, discuss. The third post in this series features guitarist Will Rivera from the sludge/metal/hardcore band Lord with his thoughts on Get In the Van by Henry RollinsContinue reading

Profile – Haruspex of Selvans


April 21st of this year saw the limited edition cassette reissue of Lupercalia from Italy’s black metal band Selvans. The album was originally released in 2015 on Avantgarde Music but with the Folkvangr reissue, now is the perfect time for those who missed it initially to experience the band’s take on cults and folklore from their home country set to wildly expressive, expansive and — at times — epic music. We recently had the opportunity to ask Haruspex our set of Profile questions so read on to see what he had to say and don’t forget to grab your copy before they’re gone. Continue reading