Profile: Daniel Stollings of Ghost Horizon

Dan Stollings
Daniel Stollings

Atmospheric black metal can really be amazing, in the right hands. And with Arizona’s Ghost Horizon the genre is in very capable hands. The band got its start in 2015, released their debut EP Astral Possession (covered here) in 2016 and earlier this month released their second EP Erotics of Disgust (featured here). Both of these EP’s are living, breathing examples of atmospheric black metal and how it can amplify the emotions involved in the writing process. Recently we had the opportunity to ask founding member Daniel Stollings our set of Profile questions, read on to see what he had to say. Continue reading

Book Review: Margaret Atwood’s “Surfacing” by Tom Coles of Sail

Margaret Atwood - Surfacing

Over the next few months Nine Circles is very pleased to bring you a new series of book reviews written by musicians throughout the metal scene. As much as they love to write their own blast beats, discordant riffs and swirling maelstroms they also love to read and, for all of our benefit, discuss. The first post in this series features Tom Coles from the progressive sludge metal band Sail with his thoughts on Surfacing by Margaret AtwoodContinue reading

Profile: Charlotta Ekebergh of The Riven

The Riven
The Riven
London based The Riven released their debut EP Blackbird last week and in case you missed this searing EP we got you covered. Merely for reference points think Blues Pills meets Graveyard but the sound and songwriting reveals their true influences: Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad just to name a couple. From the experimental riffing in “Tower” to the funky chops of “Killer On the Loose” to the driving blues groove of “One Last Time” this EP is packed full of good time music that will appeal to metalheads and rockers alike. Besides the insane musicianship the band displays throughout these five tracks, the soulful vocals from Charlotta Ekebergh elevates these tunes to another level entirely. Her range is undeniable — the power and control she displays is immense. We recently had the opportunity to ask her our Profile set of questions, see what she had to say after the jump.

Continue reading

Premiere: Wormwitch – “Even the Sun Will Die”

Wormwitch - Strike Mortal Soil

Vancouver based Wormwitch have announced May 12 as the release date for their debut full length Strike Mortal Soil via Prosthetic Records and today we are pleased to bring you an exclusive premiere of one of the new tracks from the album, “Even the Sun Will Die”. It’s a must hear from a highly anticipated album so be sure to take a listen for yourself after the jump. Continue reading

Giveaway: Nula – Kenoma (EP)

Nula - Kenoma

Black Bow Records is synonymous with finding the heaviest of artists to bring on to their roster and Serbian based post sludge metal Nula is no exception. Nula started much like any band: touring locally and gaining tons of great feedback which led to a well received demo in 2015, just two short years after their formation. As of this past February the band released an EP titled Kenoma and it’s three tracks of massive sludge/doom with many moments of crushing atmosphere. The band finds a way to fill every second with mountainous riffs and soulful vocals sung in their native tongue which actually give extra bite to these three tracks. For reference points think early Down, Crowbar and a dusting of Isis with Peter Steele vocals. In other words, thick and heavy so dive in to get the details of the giveaway. Continue reading