Album Review: Aodon – “Portraits”

I knew the name Aodon sounded familiar, but when I signed up for this promo, I couldn’t place my finger on why.  I picked it because I like atmospheric black metal and I like Willowtip Records, but in trying to figure out why Portraits called to me, I discovered that back in 2020 I listened to their new (at the time) album 11069 and really enjoyed it.  Blame it on the fact that 2020 feels like a decade ago, but once I remembered that factoid, a lot about Portraits just made sense, and the rather daunting amount of pieces started to put themselves together.

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Album Review: Thantifaxath – “Hive Mind Narcosis”

Hearing Thantifaxath’s debut full-length Sacred White Noise for the first time in 2014 formed an epiphany, an immediate realization of witnessing the manifestation of an instant contemporary classic in the field of black metal, a work of art almost too strange, horrifying and beautiful to comprehend, and one that has stood the test of time. Those of us ravenously chasing the first high of experiencing the album got their fix in the form of 2017’s magnificent, and aptly titled, Void Masquerading as Matter EP. At long last, we have Hive Mind Narcosis, a new portal to the collective creative psyche of Thantifaxath.

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Album Review: Pupil Slicer – “Blossom”

Pupil Slicer - Blossom

To quote an esteemed colleague of mine, when I first heard Pupil Slicer’s debut album Mirrors way back in 2021, my tits were blown clean off.  Deeply personal, ferociously heavy, delicately melodic and a brand new twist on the grindcore formula, it was an album that immediately resonated with me from the instant I first listened.  To say that I have been looking forward to Blossom is an understatement, but the questions had already begun to perk up in my mind: how do you top something that is so universally acclaimed, especially with your sophomore release?  Has all the musical creativity and personal depths been plumbed?

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Receiving the Evcharist:  Moor and Campanology Brewing’s Peach Ale

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately, and suitably so, I am about to tell you about two things that do not go together at all.  However, I can say that the two enjoyed together provide a nice balance of sorts.  Please enjoy this juxtaposition of heavy doom and a bright fruity ale and let us drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offerings:  Moor‘s Heavy Heart and Campanology Brewing’s Peach Ale.

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Album Review: Mesarthim — “Arrival”

Perhaps there are some things out there that aren’t meant to be known, but as a man of science, I find that unacceptable. The universe is constantly expanding, and that rate of expansion might even be increasing itself, so literally who knows what could be lurking in the black corners of the cosmos? Well, there are two categories of people invested in figuring those answers out: astrophysicists and black metal musicians. Mesarthim have always been both part of the enigma and part of the solution, and with their new album Arrival the mysterious duo push against the confines of both space and black metal.

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