Album Review: Bleeding Out — “Lifelong Death Fantasy”

Grindcore is good.  Grindcore has always been good, but one of the things I am the happiest about seeing in the genre is the evolution of a more mature sound coming out of bands doing modern grind.  Not that I don’t like goofy minute-and-a-half songs about blood and gore, but I think, more now than ever, there are so many bands who are pushing the envelope for what the genre can do, and what its purpose in the larger metal community is.  Chief among those bands is Toronto’s Bleeding Out, who grace us with their long-awaited debut Lifelong Death Fantasy

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Album Review: Wolverine — “A Darkened Sun”

Wolverine - A Darkened Sun

The image above is not the album cover for Wolverine‘s seventh album, A Darkened Sun. What it is however, is an image that made an impression from the visual side of this audio/visual release. Wolverine have decided to do something particularly special here and put the listener in front of a half hour silent film surrounded by their lush yet impressive progressive metal. Ambitious? Yes. Asking a lot from fans? Again, yes. But, why not? After all, it is 2020 and the world is in a perpetual state of bad or worse consistently and any chance to break free from the norm is a welcome one. Plus, Wolverine don’t peddle your typical progressive metal so breaking free from the norm is something they take great pride in. Ambition equals tremendous success here, let’s discuss.

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Rainbows in the Dark: RÏCÏNN — “Nereïd”

We do love exploring the transcendent and slightly out-there here on Rainbows, but that has always been the draw of this column.  I’m always looking for something that no one else is doing, and with RÏCÏNN I have definitely found that.  The project’s debut album Nereïd is a successful amalgamation of the widest variety of influences, and it manages to take much of what you know and expect about how music is crafted and turn it completely on its head.  It’s equal parts strange, ambitious, and breathtaking, and it’s guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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Album Review: Pallbearer — “Forgotten Days”

Pallbearer - Forgotten Days

In this house we respect Pallbearer.  Pallbearer is one of our favorite bands that we have enjoyed since their debut.  When we saw that the Nine Circles inbox was blessed with the latest from the band, Forgotten Days, we decided to co-author a review instead of fighting each other to the death for who would do the honor.  We decided to sit down and listen to the album and write this review together as a singular cohesive piece.

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Rainbows in the Dark: History — “History”

History is a band that doesn’t exist,” reads the bio.  While that may seem like a pretty cryptic way to sell the post-punk duo, the truth is pretty damn close to that.  History’s history, if you’ll pardon the expression, is full of a multitude of reasons why they shouldn’t exist, not the least of which is the almost ten-year gap between when their self-titled debut was recorded and when it finally got to see the light of day.  Regardless of how or why, the important thing is it’s here and it feels like it came not a moment too soon.

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