CANTO: Stormruler, Behemoth, Exhumed, and More

Last Canto until October? Last Canto until October (probably).

  • Gonna bookend this with a couple videos today, since you’ll miss me on Friday. First, we have the clip for “Versvs Christvs” from Behemoth. Opvs Contra Natvram is out now through Nuclear Blast, and I am officially late in listening to it. Maybe on my flight tomorrow night…
  • Exhumed are releasing To The Dead on October 21st through Relapse Records, and today they shared the latest offering from that album. Give “Carbonized” a watch and listen here, while you’re putting in those preorders of course.
  • Gospelheim shared the third and final single from Ritual & Repetition, ahead of its release on October 21st through Prophecy. Give “The Hall of the Unconsumed” a listen here.
  • I’m excited about the new Stormruler, so that’s the note I’ll leave you on for the next week and change. The video for “Internal Fulmination Of The Grand Deceivers” is below, the second single taken from Sacred Rites & Black Magic. That album drops on October 14th through Napalm Records.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Rainbows in the Dark: Pencey Sloe — “Neglect”

I have not been listening to much, if any metal in the month of August at all. What started as a lack of interest in the vast majority of new releases coming out turned into a sort of challenge for myself to see how deeply I could dive into my other musical passions. As briefly mentioned on our last Album of the Month podcast episode, 2022 has seen me reignite my love for, and attempt to fill in, the gaps in my knowledge of the classics of goth rock, and August has seen that expand via exploring the venerable 4AD records roster, to include early 90s shoegaze as well. Through discovering classics I had previously missed like Ride’s Nowhere and Pale Saints’ The Comforts of Madness to revisiting old favorites like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, I remembered just how much I really enjoy shoegaze outside of when it mixes with black metal. It felt like a good portent, then I saw the promo for Pencey Sloe‘s Neglect coming out when my fervor for the genre was at its height.

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Album Review: Darkher — “The Buried Storm”

A figure draped in black moving lightly and slowly, barefoot, through a moonlit mossy forest.  Smog curls from the end of a smudge bundle as a smokey scent trails through the earthy air.  Listening to doom/dark folk band Darkher (passion project of the very talented Jayn Maiven) brings this imagery to mind and their latest release The Buried Storm urges this dark beauty to unfold and encapsulate listeners.  Fans have waited six long years for a sophomore release from Darkher and this album does not disappoint.  The songs contain a melancholic heaviness that Maiven previously established in earlier releases, while also expanding to include guest string musicians and creating vast well-developed soundscapes that intwine perfectly with her hauntingly ethereal vocals.

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Album Review: E-L-R — “Vexier”

Vexier, from the Latin “vexare,” meaning to plague or to irritate, or from the German “Vexierbild,” meaning a flipped image, or even a puzzle game in some dialects.  What does all this have to do with the newest release from Switzerland’s doomgaze golden children E-L-R?  A lot, actually.  While I wouldn’t say this album is going to plague you, the idea behind it is that it should vex you a little bit.  It should get under your skin and make you want to unwrap more layers, make a couple more moves to solving the puzzle, try to piece out the original from the image.

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CANTO: Christian Death, Satan, Midnight, and More

I truly cannot believe we are just over the hump this week.

  • Let’s start with The Space Control Tour 2022, which features the likes of Misery Index, Origin, and Wolf King. That’s an awesome trio. Those dates run through the month of May, kicking off on the 6th in Chicago. Tickets go on sale Friday here.
  • Eight Bells premiered a new track and video recently, titled “The Well”, which you can check out here. That’s another one from Legacy of Ruin, which will be out on February 25th through Prophecy Productions.
  • I’ve heard really good things from the new Midnight album, Let There Be Witchery, so I suppose it would be a good idea to include new material from that one. So, here’s “Nocturnal Molestation“. That album drops on March 4th through Metal Blade.
  • Another one from Metal Blade today features Satan. Their sixth studio album, Earth Infernal, is set for an April 1st release. You can pre-order that, and check out “Burning Portrait”, right here.
  • We’ll close with new material from Christian Death. Evil Becomes Rule is out on May 6th through Season of Mist, and a visualizer for “Blood Moon” is available below. They’ve also got May tour dates coming up, so make sure you get in on that as well.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”