Album Review: Stormo — “Endocannibalismo”

Prosthetic Records has been on something of a tear lately. From last year’s excellent Phobophilic album to upcoming releases from Dawn Ray’d and Sunrot, the label has been scooping up talent both new and established and seeing their artists release some of their best works underneath the PR banner. One release I have been particularly looking forward to is Endocannibalismo, the newest release from Italian hardcore act Stormo; while not a name I would have guessed I would see alongside the rest of Prosthetic’s roster, they nevertheless have risen to the challenge of putting out an album that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the quality the label is putting out as of late.

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Album Review: Fredlös — “Fredlös”

The essence of folk metal should be to combine traditional folk music with metal, yet this is a standard many practitioners of the genre don’t exactly reach — bands are often content with simply doing black or power metal with folk-sounding melodies, forgoing any real integration between past and present beyond the most superficial. Spearheaded by a powerful performance from vocalist Liv Hope, Fredlös effectually combine subject matter and music to demonstrate how real folk metal is done with their self-titled debut Fredlös.

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Album Review: FVNERALS — “Let The Earth Be Silent”

Combing through devastating darkness searching for shards of light while sonic walls surround with pulsating slow drums, steadily strummed chords, and echoing vocals.  This cavernous mood is unique to dark ambient doom duo, FVNERALS, who have returned with their most haunting release yet, Let The Earth Be Silent.  Marking their third full length release and 10 years of existing in the metal scene, this album is not to be missed.  It has everything established fans of the band are drawn to while diving further into an abyss of gloom making this their heaviest album to date.  Lighter elements still remain including ethereal vocals to add a balance and depth which is something to experience and feel through these emotive compositions.  

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Album Review: Clouds Taste Satanic — “Tales of Demonic Possession”

The riff, the foundation from which all heavy rock music is built. It is the molten material used to forge inspiration for future generations of rock guitarists. There’s a reason Eddie Van Halen’s most famous piece is called “Eruption.” Whether it’s a sludgy doom riff or a buzzsaw grind riff, heavy music is nothing without the riff. Tales of Demonic Possession, the latest album by Clouds Taste Satanic, is an ode to the riff.

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Second Circle: Memoriam and Ashen Horde

In Dante’s Inferno, the second circle begins the proper punishment of Hell, a place where “no thing gleams.” It is reserved for those overcome with Lust, where carnal appetites hold sway over reason. In Nine Circles, it’s where we do shorter reviews of new (ish) albums that share a common theme.

Looks like purple’s gonna be the theme for this edition of Second Circle. Although you could also easily say the theme is killer metal not enough folks are talking about. Anyway you wanna slice it, we’re here to drop some knowledge about the latest offerings from Memoriam and Ashen Horde, so turn that volume knob clockwise until it stops, limber up and get ready to bang that head.

Bring it on.

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