The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Darkthrone was May 2019’s Album of the Month!

It’s a crowded house, but not Crowded House because we’re a metal site and I can’t get anyone to do a retrospective on the genius of Temple of Low Men. Anyway, if you’re reading these words you know it’s Album of the Month time and – as usual – it’s right under the wire. But when you have a new album from Darkthrone you’re damn right we’re gonna want to talk about it. That’s right, folks…Old Star is our Album of the Month selection for May 2019! Continue reading

CANTO: Darkthrone, Cryptopsy, Enthroned, and Amon Amarth


Silver needle, golden nail. It’s a song.

  • We obviously have to start with the big update from Darkthrone. The next studio album from Fenriz and Nocturno Culto, titled Old Star, will be out on May 31st through Peaceville. So much good news there.
  • Cyptopsy are about to hit the road with Aborted, which is enough news on its own. But there’s an extra layer to this one… if you plan on attending one of the show dates and feel like bringing a couple local brews with you to share with vocalist Matt Mcgachy, you could get in for free! Fuck, I want to do that so badly! I love beer AND death metal!
  • Updates from Enthroned, which is a name I definitely haven’t mentioned in awhile. The Belgian black metal group is set to release their next studio album, titled Cold Black Suns, on June 7th. You can check out a new song called “Silent Redemption” right now.
  •  Amon Amarth have released details behind their next album, and coupled it with a new video for a song called “Raven’s Flight”. Berserker will be out on May 3rd via Metal Blade… soon!

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 53


With just a couple of days until the guys leave for Migration Fest, Corey returns to the fold for another Concert Pod! He talks about seeing Exmortus, Spellcaster and Seven Spires in Boston, as well as Skeletonwitch, Magic Circle, Lich King and Black Mass in Somerville, MA. Dan, on the other hand? He’s got stories from Carcass and Paul McCartney to speak of.

All that and much, much more in Episode 53, so jump on in and take a listen!

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Album Review: Sarke – “Bogefod”

sarke bogefod

Remember being a kid and trying to start your first band? Those awkward high school days where your attempts at original songwriting end up sounding like covers of the bands you’re into at the time? I went through that phase in a big way –– and much to my dismay, there weren’t too many kids in my school that wanted to hear contemporary attempts at AC/DC or Maiden. (And they certainly didn’t want to hear it from pudgy, zit-filled kids with long hair.)

Alas, the guys in Oslo’s Sarke have the same problem. A Norwegian black metal supergroup, they’re neither kids, nor particularly new at all this. Yet eight years and three albums in, the band’s never been able to shake their influences from their sound’s blackened sleeves. And unfortunately, that remains the case on their new, fourth album, BogefodContinue reading

The Nine Circles ov… Darkthrone


Along with Bathory, Mayhem and a handful of other acts, Darkthrone is one of the most commonly recognized and iconic black metal bands of all time. And though they’ve moved through multiple musical phases — death metal, black metal, crust/punk/thrash, classic metal — one clear element shines through every record: Fenriz and Nocturno Culto are extremely passionate and devoted to creating good metal music. For me, discovering the band has fit the ideal story of heavy metal fandom. I first saw their album covers in a friend’s collection, and was enamored with the dark imagery and the whole mystique (the names, the corpse paint, etc.). I checked out a few songs, got a couple records, and since then it’s been the long journey of exploring each record and building up a set of favorite songs. Nine of those are listed below. Continue reading