The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Darkthrone was May 2019’s Album of the Month!

It’s a crowded house, but not Crowded House because we’re a metal site and I can’t get anyone to do a retrospective on the genius of Temple of Low Men. Anyway, if you’re reading these words you know it’s Album of the Month time and – as usual – it’s right under the wire. But when you have a new album from Darkthrone you’re damn right we’re gonna want to talk about it. That’s right, folks…Old Star is our Album of the Month selection for May 2019!

darkthroneChris has the pick this month, and his unbridled enthusiasm threatens to overwhelm the show. Luckily both Charles and Buke are on hand to cool the waters a bit, but since Chris also produces the podcast he can he can cut out any anti-Darkthrone language (don’t worry – he didn’t).

Dan returns from the abyss to add his two cents about the album and to rally the troops around the best power metal album of the year, and Vincent? Well, Vincent’s just here toss out choice bon mots sure to anger the online metal community.

In other words, just another ordinary episode of the Nine Circles Audio Thing!

So jump on in and enjoy the hijinks. Better yet, head over to your favorite streaming site and give Old Star a listen too (or buy it even). Support your favorite music!

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In the meantime, keep it heavy and we’ll see you next month!

– Chris

Old Star is available now from Peaceville Records.  For more information on Darkthrone check out their Facebook page.

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