The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Autarkh was April 2022’s Album of the Month!

Anton had this month’s pick and joins with Ian, and Vincent while Buke once again helms the show. The gang covers the alternative timeline of Form in Motion in different musical context from AutarkhAutarkh III Roadburn Redux 2021. As usual, the group covers this album at length and talks about nearly every facet of it as well as catching up since last chatting together, and a lengthy section on what else tripped our triggers in the month of April, in and around the metal spectrum. Dig in and enjoy this 133rd episode of The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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Album Review: Cave In — “Heavy Pendulum”

Cave In - Heavy Pendulum

I think at this point we’re all aware that the last few years of Cave In’s career haven’t been the easiest.  2019’s Final Transmission looked to be just that: the closing of the final chapter of the seminal hardcore band and the end of a remarkable era.  However, as fate would have it, the act of coming together to put the band to bed ended up convincing the foursome that there was still more musical territory to tread.  Heavy Pendulum is more than just the first “proper” Cave In release since 2009; it is a celebration of everything the band has accomplished and a showcase of the tricks they still have up their collective sleeves.

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Album Review: Demiricous – “III: Chaotic Lethal”

demiricous - chaotic lethal

Do we expect too much out of our metal? Or are we too easy on it? If a band comes in and executes on its mission statement, is that enough to make it great? If the music is derivative of other bands, albums, or styles, is it to be condemned? Or is it upholding a tradition and to be commended? I had all of these thoughts listening to III: Chaotic Lethal, the third album and first release from neo-thrash (man is that a sore genre label) outfit Demiricous in 15 years. I think the band does exactly what they want to do on this comeback album. It’s up to you to decide how that fits in your construct of metal and what you want out of it.

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Album Review: Pyrithe — “Monuments to Impermanence”

‘Sludge metal’ is perhaps the most underexplained genre descriptor that metal has going for it. Ask five different people what they think sludge metal is and I’m willing to bet real world money you’d get about five different answers. Yet this lack of orthodoxy is also perhaps the microgenre’s biggest strength: calling something sludge metal, particularly the more modern kinds of metal that get labeled as such, is usually a sign you’re going to get something unexpected within your listening experience. Pyrithe‘s Monuments to Impermanence is a prime example of the kinds of weird and exciting places that sludge can lead someone.

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Album Review: Abraham — “Débris de mondes perdus”

Have you ever tasted palpable rage and pain, where it just radiates from a person, and you visibly had to move out of their way?  Highly emotive music that radiates that sort of emotion means that there is something barely contained underneath the surface, and it becomes the perfect soundtrack when you are angry and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Abraham’s Débris de mondes perdus is an album that barely disguises its contempt and lament for something that happened, and, at the heart of it all, the onset of its rage is justified.

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