Best of 2022: Zyklonius’s List

Best of 2022

Huzzah, good riddance to another weird year, not only on both personal and professional fronts which basically prevented me from engaging in music writing, but also in terms of metal itself. Weird in the sense that multiple previous EOY luminaries released albums that failed to resonate, while bands that had not clicked for me on earlier albums decided to surprise me. Amidst all the oddity, there was thankfully a degree of cosmic justice and continuing reliability, as old favorites released their best work to date while relative newcomers delivered on the promises and potential for greatness that were teased on their initial releases. Without further ado, here are my 15 favorite metal albums of 2022.

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The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Autarkh was April 2022’s Album of the Month!

Anton had this month’s pick and joins with Ian, and Vincent while Buke once again helms the show. The gang covers the alternative timeline of Form in Motion in different musical context from AutarkhAutarkh III Roadburn Redux 2021. As usual, the group covers this album at length and talks about nearly every facet of it as well as catching up since last chatting together, and a lengthy section on what else tripped our triggers in the month of April, in and around the metal spectrum. Dig in and enjoy this 133rd episode of The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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Best of 2021: Zyklonius’s List

Best of 2021

Huh, it appears that I blinked and a whole year went by just like that. Luckily there was metal, a lot of it in fact, to the extent that none of the albums on my list ended up on our staff’s combined list, which shows just how much diversity there is, in terms of releases, genres and our respective tastes and preferences. With majestic hails to the bands whose releases enriched my life in the past 12 months, the following contains my 20 favorite albums of the year. I hope you will find something that intrigues, excites and animates you. 

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CANTO: The Absence, Byzantine, Autarkh, and More

I am totally overwhelmed with shit to do today, so let’s hustle this thing out.

  • We’ll start with Byzantine, who have launched a new website, as well as a web series that will premiere this summer titled “Pick A Side”. Check out this teaser video. Sounds a like a pretty cool concept. They’ll also be on tour this summer to celebrate their 21st anniversary. You can find a link to that stuff at their new website as well.
  • And then we have some new videos to share. Let’s start with The Absence, and their new clip for “Black Providence”. That’s the third track taken from Coffinized, which is set for a June 25th release through M-Theory Audio. Pre-order that album here.
  • Do you like beer as much as you like metal? Then you might want to check out Vox&Hops Brewtal North America. Participating breweries will be working with bands to release unique, collaborative brews… and this is exactly what I need in my life right now. Learn more here, there are some pretty awesome names involved.
  • Have you ever felt the need to witness a McDonald’s themed metal band live? Well, now is your chance. Mac Sabbath is hitting the road across the United States starting in late August. Not entirely sure what to do with this information… but that’s probably the point.
  • And we’ll close with the new video from Autarkh for “Alignment”. That’s another one taken from Form In Motion, which dropped earlier this year through Season of Mist.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: WuW, Autarkh, Oceanhoarse, and More

Today has not been terrible, which is appreciated.

  • Dead Poet Society have announced a livestream event for their debut album, scheduled for March 13th at 3 PM EST. Tickets for the event can be purchased here. The album, -!- (“The Exclamation Album”), drops the day before, and can still be pre-ordered at this location.
  • Oceanhoarse, the heavy metal collective out of Helsinki, have signed on to a worldwide deal with German label Noble Demon. Their currently-unnamed debut through the label should be out in August, but to mark the occasion they released a new single, “One with the Gun”, which can be streamed here.
  • Dutch extreme metal outfit Autarkh have premiered a new song over at Outburn Magazine. “Alignment” is taken from their upcoming new album, Form in Motion, which is scheduled for a March 12th released through Season of Mist. I know we’ve mentioned that one before… I think.
  • Lastly, the new music video from WuW for “En Souvenir Des Jours Que nous N’Aurons Pas Vécus”. The Parisian post-metal duo have their latest album, Rétablir L’Eternité, out now through Prosthetic Records. News coming from all over the spectrum today. Cool.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”