Receiving the Evcharist – Aversio Humanitatis and Smoke on the Porter, Fire in the Rye

Receiving the Evcharist

Greetings, dear readers! To ramp up our collective response to the deluge of excellent metal and inventive craft beer unleashed upon humanity, I’ve enlisted to provide heavy artillery support to Vincent in his unending quest to form heart-throbbing, liver-caressing unions of prime representatives from both realms. So, let’s begin the campaign with a veritable Tsar Bomba, shall we? The Metal: Aversio Humanitatis’ Longing for the Untold. The Booze: To Øl’s Smoke on the Porter, Fire in the Rye. Continue reading

Satisfy My Erratic Whims, 2017 – Zyklonius’ Anticipated Albums


Following a phenomenal metal year that I went on record declaring the best in recent memory, 2017 sure has a lot to live up to. Without any unnecessary prefacing, I present to you my veritable murderers’ row of bands I expect to slay and decimate with their upcoming releases. Continue reading

Best of 2016: Zyklonius’ List

Nine Circles Best of 2016 Standard

I am writing this intro blurb on Christmas eve, on Lemmy’s birthday and almost exactly a year after his death. Today, the largest newspaper in Finland published a fascinating article discussing Lemmy’s life (unfortunately in Finnish). The article’s lead paragraph notes the failure of humanity to carry on without Lemmy and the shockwave his death created, paving the way for 2016 in all its depressing grimness. Continue reading

Album Review: Youdash – “Astrophobia”


Somewhere in the multiverse there is an alternate earth where ice-cream, cotton candy and LSD are served on every meal, Lemmy lives and reigns as a benevolent god emperor, people travel by riding sentient technicolor clouds, nu metal never existed and everything is groovy and awesome. In that world, scientists and magicians joined forces to open a portal through which they sent to our dimension their best and brightest metal band on a mission to inspire awe and show us how it is done. That phantasmagorical shapeshifter is Youdash and they have unleashed their phenomenal debut Astrophobia into our unsuspecting timeline. Its impact can only be described as seismic. Continue reading

Album Review: Infinite Earths – “Into the Void”


By now, metal’s passionate love affair with H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos has resulted in countless homages of non-Euclidean atonality and angular dissonance. As a result, it has become a challenge for a band to stand out with its particular contribution. Where its impressive 2014 EP, Spiral from Spacetime, soared with kinetic energy and a sense of wonder, on Into the Void Infinite Earths spirals and spins with uncanny elegance and weaves a tale of descent into madness while eschewing contemporary go-to metal horror tropes. Continue reading