Profile: Charlotta Ekebergh of The Riven

The Riven
The Riven
London based The Riven released their debut EP Blackbird last week and in case you missed this searing EP we got you covered. Merely for reference points think Blues Pills meets Graveyard but the sound and songwriting reveals their true influences: Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad just to name a couple. From the experimental riffing in “Tower” to the funky chops of “Killer On the Loose” to the driving blues groove of “One Last Time” this EP is packed full of good time music that will appeal to metalheads and rockers alike. Besides the insane musicianship the band displays throughout these five tracks, the soulful vocals from Charlotta Ekebergh elevates these tunes to another level entirely. Her range is undeniable — the power and control she displays is immense. We recently had the opportunity to ask her our Profile set of questions, see what she had to say after the jump.

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Sepulchral Saturday: Old Wolf – “Old Wolf”

Old Wolf - Old Wolf

Time to add another member to the flag carriers of the NWOTHM movement with Old Wolf‘s self-titled EP. In case you’ve been under a rock, that’s New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal and the movement as a whole has been nothing short of glorious. Such is the case with this Kentucky band and their high voltage take on all that is great about classic trad metal filtered through today’s sound. With this band it’s all about more bang for the buck and transferring a good time feeling to the listener. And sometimes — particularly on a Saturday — good time feelings are what its all about. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Stereo Nasty – “Nasty By Nature”

Stereo Nasty - Nasty By Nature

Saturday means it’s time for something other than work… but specifically it’s time to revisit an album that slipped under our radar (in review format). Curtis was on to something including them in his Best of 2015 list. In August of last year Stereo Nasty released their hard driving, 80’s metal debut Nasty By Nature. It has NWOBHM elements as well as traditional metal all while wearing their influences on their sleeve — or battle jackets emblazoned with patches. However, in this case it’s not a bad thing as the band obviously had one hell of a good time with it that translates extremely well to the listener. Continue reading

Album Review: Thorns of Sin – “Destroy the Light”

Thorns Of Sin - Destroy The Light

Let’s get this out of the way up front: any band that mentions later-era Dissection as an influence is one I’ll check out, as I have a deeply-rooted love for Reinkaos. Sadly, few bands and releases that make this claim actually end up satisfying. However, on their full-length debut, Destroy the Light, from one-man project Thorns of Sin actually delivers, combining a great blend of black metal melodicism with a thrashy-leaning death metal approach. Continue reading

Album Review: Allfather – “No Gods. No Masters.”

Allfather No Gods No Masters

Rochester, UK-based Allfather are relative newcomers to the metal scene, having only formed last year. In a time of political unrest, uncertainty and eroding trust in the government, the band’s debut EP, No Gods, No Masters, could not have landed at a better time. The title is directly related to, and has been used in, anarchist literature and sentiments, so right off the bat you know the band won’t be pulling any punches in regard to the leading officials and ideals. And as a whole, the EP is quite enjoyable—a proper sludge / doom onslaught with echoes of Iron Witch and Raging Speedhorn. Continue reading