Profile: California’s Grey Metal Trio Bloodmoon


Bloodmoon aren’t trying to coin a new genre — Grey Metal — it’s just that their brand of doom metal is more than meets the eye on their recently released full length Supervoid Trinity and Grey Metal fits perfectly. Over the course of 46 minutes, the three tracks contained cover anguished doom, avantgarde and jazz-like song structures and atmospheric reflection. The band has been around since 2010 and have a handful of releases under their belts but Supervoid Trinity is the most accomplished and best sounding album they’ve done to date. Through a random email and a love for what the band is doing we had the opportunity to ask them our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what they had to say and show them some support from the links contained within. Continue reading

Album Premiere: The Divided Line – “Paramnesia” (EP)

The Divided Line - Paramnesia

After a handful of singles and a brief hiatus, Toronto’s The Divided Line return tomorrow with their debut EP Paramnesia. Instantly apparent is just how much this self-imposed hiatus has paid off as their brand of progressive and melodic rock is tighter and more focused than ever. The influence of late 90s and early 2000s hard rock radio is strong but the band’s commanding approach and moving lyrics make this an EP you don’t want to miss. And to that point, we have a full stream just ahead of tomorrow’s release. Head inside to take a listen and hit the links contained for your own copy. Continue reading

Profile: Black Metal Funsters Necrosexual


In case you missed the underlying theme in the above band pic, Necrosexual are out for fun, black metal riffage and evidently Mustangs. Grim 1, the band’s debut, will see its release later this week and the nine tracks contained will either make you smirk with knowing affinity or smirk with the sheer amount of fun unearthed. Black metal and fun normally don’t go together but the marriage here is nearly inseparable. Ahead of Grim 1 we had the chance to discuss our set of Profile questions with the band and you definitely will want to read the band’s responses. Head inside to see what they had to say. Continue reading

Album Premiere: Apathy Noir – “Black Soil”

Apathy Noir - Black Soil

Progressive death / doom band Apathy Noir, the solo project of Viktor Jonas, is back in 2018 with their fourth full length album, Black Soil. Residing in a similar headspace as Katatonia and My Dying Bride, to a point, Apathy Noir has brought a larger focus on atmosphere and the funereal aspect. And this time around, Jonas has enlisted the vocal assistance of Adam Walmsley (Twilight’s Embrace, Beyond Grace) to add yet another element to the Apathy Noir project. Black Soil will see its official release tomorrow. Today, however, we are thrilled to bring you a full album stream to whet the appetite. So, head inside for a listen to this amazingly gloomy album. Continue reading

Premiere: High Reeper – “Die Slow”

High Reeper - High Reeper

Staking claim to the Philly/Delaware corner of stoner rock is the five piece known as High Reeper and they have set November 3 for their independently released self titled debut. It’s an album full of Sabbathian riff worship mixed with the kind of DIY ethos St. Vitus was known so well for in their early days (think Born Too Late). The power of the riff definitely compels this band as they bend and mold each one with an unfettered ease generally reserved for the more seasoned vets. But on top of that they keep a mean groove throughout and the vocals remind of early Ozzy so there’s that, and it doesn’t hurt a bit. Today we have a premiere of lead off track “Die Slow” and it’s all of the above and much more so dive in to take a listen. Continue reading