Initial Descent: May 14 – 20, 2023

Another new week, another list of new metal releases, and a fresh chance to tell you: if you didn’t preorder this new Frozen Soul joint, you done fucked up. It’s death metal done right. Honestly the same could be said for the rest of this week’s lead off bunch with Gozu killing it better than their metal chops ever have, Wings of Steel seriously scratch that classic heavy / hair metal itch, The Ocean…you already know and if you don’t you better call somebody, and of course the rest of the lengthy list that follows. There’s something here for everyone AND bonus points if you get the reference I dropped. Dig in and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

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Initial Descent: April 23 – 29, 2023

Pro tip: if you’re sending promos and don’t get to the point right off the bat (band, album, label, and genre) don’t expect a deep dive seeing as most blogs get between 50 and 100 a day. Just sayin’. Alright then, we’ve got a new week and fresh new batch of killer to get to. Death doomsters Pestilence kick things off this week in the sickest way possible and that’s a good thing, Enforced give a class on how to do death infused thrash properly, Vadiat get in the death metal feels, and Tunic offer up some exquisite noise which we don’t have enough of these days. So, dig in and find your new favorite. See you here throughout the week.

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Enforced’s Knox Colby on their new album “War Remains” and much more!

Image courtesy of Jacky Flav

It has been said that Richmond, Virginia turns out some incredible metal. Enforced are one of those bands that prove it with their brand of crossover thrash that nudges the gates of death and speed metal. With two incredible albums under their belts, their third, War Remains turns those on their head and curb stomps them…for real, it’s that good. We could go on and on about how good but our man Buke recently sat down with vocalist Knox Colby to discuss the new album, band history, Richmond’s metal scene, and so much more (you know how we roll). We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy. 

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Initial Descent: April 16 – 22, 2023


Some of y’all’s responses to 72 Seasons have been hilarious. The funniest are these: “man I only listened to a minute and a half or so and had to turn it off.” I mean, for real?! LOL me off my chair. While I will admit that it would benefit from some trimming, this is the best version of Metallica we’ve had in…a while. But, whatever, just go back to your latest Jester Race clone and keep lapping that up. Anyway, we got another new list of metal and other things on the heavy spectrum for you and grind captains Birdflesh kick us off this week. Next up are Margarita Witch Cult (bad ass band name alert) with an all in but the kitchen sink approach to psychedelics, Grave Pleasures are back to prove why they are holding down the best goth band tag, and Dorthia Cottrell gives a damn class on how to do vary dark americana / folk / country / etc. And, as always, there’s many more in the list that follows these four. Happy hunting…

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Initial Descent: March 12 – 18, 2023

Night Goat
Image courtesy of Howard Sumner

New week. New tunes. Even though Monday’s don’t mean all this is out and ready for consumption, it does mean you get a front row seat for a ton of preorders. So, be thankful. Or not, the choice is yours. We’ll keep plastering them here every week and you do as you will. This week’s batch features Night Goat front and center and I’m telling you now, if you’ve never caught this band live you are missing out so at least do yourself a favor and grab their new slab of death rock, thank us later. Moving on we’ve got heavy metal from Night Demon (seems like we’ve been anticipating this thing forever…just me?), post-black metal from Downfall of Gaia, and a healthy mixture of black and death metal from Úlfúð. That’s a heavy hitting top four, but there’s a ton more hiding out below so happy hunting and we’ll see you here throughout the week.

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