Album Review: Pernicion – “Seek What They Sought” (EP)

Pernicion - Seek What They Sought

It would seem that Pernicion come from a long line of no bullshit, balls out, death metal lineage. And on their latest EP Seek What They Sought, the band seek (no pun intended) and destroy. Now, when discussing what constitutes ‘no bullshit’ there’s many different avenues to be considered but the biggest here: this band is no frills, no showboating, no solos and no overdubs. It’s just go in there, roll on it, and record it. Period. And respect to them for pulling it off so damn well. Continue reading

Album Review: Eucharist – “Endarkenment”

eucharist endarkenment

Australian black metal brigade Eucharist have yet to release a proper full-length. To date they have released two demos, both in 2011, entitled Tenebrous Summoning and Demise Rites. Those two demos were packaged and sold as Demise Rites in 2012 by Total Holocaust Records. Their prior work was standard black metal fare with tracks hovering between five and seven minutes. With Endarkenment, Eucharist begins anew, producing a nearly thirty-seven minute EP containing two thirteen-minute-plus tracks of bestial chaos. Continue reading

Album Review – Sacrocurse – “Destroying Chapels 7”

sacrocurse destroying chapels

Ok. Today we are going to rip through a short 7″ by Sacrocurse. Just a bit of the old ‘in and out’ if you know what I mean. It’s pretty tough to not cover stuff like this. A brief album, four quick songs, a kickass cover and a really, really fun sounding title, Destroying Chapels. While Nine Circles does not enjoy the actual destruction of property, we do find it fun to dream, pretend and fantasize about a life in which the music of our dreams is the reality of our days. So, without further ado, let’s take a quick look at Destroying Chapels.  Continue reading

Album Review: Unmothered – “U M B R A”

unmothered umbra

Here’s the thing: if you name your album U M B R A I’m only going to type it out once. It’s so annoying putting all those spaces in there. So, for my sanity, let’s just refer to it as “the EP” from here on out. Thus, we can discuss the brand new EP released by Austin-based trio Unmothered. This EP, the band’s second to date, clocks in at just over twelve-and-a-half minutes and provides a promising look into the band’s future. Continue reading

Album Review: Acid Witch – “Midnight Movies”

Acid Witch Midnight Movies

Acid Witch are just about to head off on a European tour, (find dates here) but before they abandon the Midwest and speed off on angelic, winged motorcycles of death, they decided to leave a little piece of themselves behind in the form of a four-song EP entitled Midnight Movies. The band is, at its core, a stoner doom band, but here, they’ve upped the ante and put together a unique blend of 1980’s horror film covers that are, musically speaking, spook-tastic, horror-laced doom with a twist of skate-punk and party-rock that is sure to leave your head bopping and your colon horrified. (And if that cover art doesn’t make your loins salivate then I don’t know what will.) Continue reading