Profile: Kris from Seattle’s Punk Metallers Prison


For clarity; I am ridiculously late with this thing AND to this band. But the beauty of it is that on a recent journey up through the mountains and backroads of SC and NC, purposefully lost, “Who Lives Who Dies Who Cares” – second track off Come, Annihilation from Seattle’s punk/hardcore/metal trio Prison – came up in a random playlist and I was floored. So much so that I stopped the car and dove in like a fiend looking for that next fix. A full three spins later — it’s an EP man, 11 minutes to get through — I still couldn’t pick my jaw up off the rocks of the overhanging cliff I was, by this time, numbly peering off of. It’s got that feeling of some sweaty ass basement punk show, the kind you never can seem to find anymore. It’s equal parts grunge, noise, punk, hardcore and metal but most of all it’s that diamond in the rough that forces you to stop, put everything down, and take in all its glory (similar to the first time I heard the Melvins). As stated, this is way late so back in March we had the chance to shoot over our set of Profile questions to the band for some details and Kris (drums) responded with some enlightening answers and a boatload of recommendations so head below for an interesting read and please get yourself a copy from the links provided. Continue reading

Profile: Yngve Andersen of Deathpop Dynamos Blood Command

Blood Command
Blood Command

Blood Command formed in 2008 and have went to great lengths to experience, through the modicum of their sound, damn near every genre out there and have done so with the kind of unfettered realness we generally never get to see. Meaning, it gives many fans that place to go when they don’t fit in to some specific thing or genre or frame of mind in general. Their self tagged ‘Deathpop’ is fitting since they’ve actually done death metal but dance the edges of melodic pop punk, among so many other things, in an effort to get listeners to just have a good time and forget all the ills of the world and whatever they might be going through at the time. Music has that power and Blood Command wields it with impunity, particularly so on their upcoming EP, Return of the Arsonist. I dare you to listen and not sing along to those choruses, just sayin’. Ahead of this EP’s release we reached out to guitarist Yngve Andersen with our set of Profile questions and he was generous in offering their backstory and some blistering takes so head below for how it went down. Continue reading

Album Review: Pernicion – “Seek What They Sought” (EP)

Pernicion - Seek What They Sought

It would seem that Pernicion come from a long line of no bullshit, balls out, death metal lineage. And on their latest EP Seek What They Sought, the band seek (no pun intended) and destroy. Now, when discussing what constitutes ‘no bullshit’ there’s many different avenues to be considered but the biggest here: this band is no frills, no showboating, no solos and no overdubs. It’s just go in there, roll on it, and record it. Period. And respect to them for pulling it off so damn well. Continue reading

Album Review: Eucharist – “Endarkenment”

eucharist endarkenment

Australian black metal brigade Eucharist have yet to release a proper full-length. To date they have released two demos, both in 2011, entitled Tenebrous Summoning and Demise Rites. Those two demos were packaged and sold as Demise Rites in 2012 by Total Holocaust Records. Their prior work was standard black metal fare with tracks hovering between five and seven minutes. With Endarkenment, Eucharist begins anew, producing a nearly thirty-seven minute EP containing two thirteen-minute-plus tracks of bestial chaos. Continue reading

Album Review – Sacrocurse – “Destroying Chapels 7”

sacrocurse destroying chapels

Ok. Today we are going to rip through a short 7″ by Sacrocurse. Just a bit of the old ‘in and out’ if you know what I mean. It’s pretty tough to not cover stuff like this. A brief album, four quick songs, a kickass cover and a really, really fun sounding title, Destroying Chapels. While Nine Circles does not enjoy the actual destruction of property, we do find it fun to dream, pretend and fantasize about a life in which the music of our dreams is the reality of our days. So, without further ado, let’s take a quick look at Destroying Chapels.  Continue reading